I like Gomoku, but i suck. Gomoku, Connect6

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I like Gomoku, but i suck.
  • KPT at 2011-05-20

    once upon a time my rating was 1750. Now my average its 1350

    Thanks Gomoku-pro

    And thanks to Duke, for found this TEAM.

  • Duke of Prunes at 2011-05-20

    You are welcome. ( link.)

    We are already 5. Now, I hope that some other Team will be created.

    If we were lonely, we would be the “best Team” in Littlegolem (it would be such a Paradox!)

  • richyfourtytwo at 2011-05-20

    Ok, I have founded a team which CLAIMS to be better than you su******! It remains to be proven though.

    If anyone's ego can't cope with becoming a member of 'I like Gomoku, but i suck.' the 'Mediocre Gomoku Players' may just be the place for you! Ask me for invitations if you want to join!

  • FatPhil at 2011-05-20

    I'm just on the cusp of sucking, and am prepared to be the dead weight in the mediocre team if you'll invite me.

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