Perfect solution of old Gomoku-Pro rule Gomoku, Connect6

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Perfect solution of old Gomoku-Pro rule
  • Nynaeve at 2010-12-23

    Download Link:

    You need Renlib to open this file.

    These openings are included:



  • JerNYC at 2010-12-23

    This wouldn't work on LG because the restricted zone is much larger than it is on other sites.

  • Nynaeve at 2010-12-23

    Indeed, or I won't post that :P

  • Nynaeve at 2010-12-23

    Btw, with the current rules on LG, black is still much better than white, I'd say about 70%-30%.

  • Julius Sneezer at 2010-12-23

    what does “old Gomoku-Pro rule” mean?

  • Nynaeve at 2010-12-23

    The forbidden zone of black 3rd move was smaller:

    [game;id:382493;move:3;title:This opening is also black win!]


  • Marsh Song at 2011-01-07

    Does 6-in-a-row win or not in these analyses?

    BTW, the 2nd move was not restricted by 3x3 in Old Gomoku-Pro.

  • ondik at 2011-08-30

    wow, great analysis. are you really from australia?

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