Vayamos-Jamaica now ruins Connect6? Gomoku, Connect6

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Vayamos-Jamaica now ruins Connect6?
  • bloke at 2009-11-01

    I believe it is well-known that this guy has been using computer assistance in Reversi/Othello, Four-in-a-row, and Lines-of-Action. Is it possible that now he uses a computer program to play his Connect 6 games?

    Is there a Connect6 computer program available at all?

  • ypercube at 2009-11-01

    Not very strong ones.

    From what I see, there are about a hundred players with better rating than him.

  • bloke at 2009-11-01

    Because he started to play in Connect6 only now.

  • quartastella at 2009-11-01

    Ypercube, I hope you’re right, but I’m sure he also had 100 players ahead of him in reversi, four in a row, and lines of action, and look where he is now.

    By the way, he has just won seven (maybe eight) leagues in the current chess championship using different aliases. That shows dedication.

  • bloke at 2009-11-01

    'Dedication' is a fine word… Vayamos-Jamaica, under the No.1. nick, brags about lengthening his nicks to include other game names as well.

    If indeed connect6 is relatively free of strong computer programs then this game might remain the cleanest. But there are Taiwanese and Russian nick-hoarders there too.

  • euhuang ★ at 2009-11-15

    I think Professor I-Chen Wu's team from the National Chiao-Tung University (NCTU), Taiwan, will be very interested in seeing this “No1_Othello_fourinarow_linesof” develop a good computer program in the future to beat all Connect6 players and claim the No.1 spot on LG. I-Chen Wu team's Connect6 AI program, NCTU6, is probably the strongest C6 computer program in the world. I think they certainly welcome strong competitors worldwide.

    Meanwhile, are you sure this “Vayamos-Jamaica” is using computer programs to aid his playing?

  • quartastella at 2009-11-15

    The fact that he cheats at reversi is beyond discussion. I don't know much about the other games, but to believe he's dishonest in one game and honest in the others is a little naive.

    By the way check out this chess game:

    Yes, it's him playing against himself. Look at how he changed his nicks in this game. He has made a mockery of this site.

  • ypercube at 2009-11-15

    I doubt that he uses a program at Connect-6. Even if he is, it's not a good one.

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