Result of the 4th Annual NCTU-Cup Open Tournament Gomoku, Connect6

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Result of the 4th Annual NCTU-Cup Open Tournament
  • euhuang ★ at 2009-08-25

    The 4th Annual NCTU-Cup Open were held on August 23, 2009. There were more than 80 players attending this tournament in total.

    The result of Dan-level Group.

    1. Hsu, Wen-Jing (givemesix)

    2. Tsai, Jia-Cheng (finite)

    3. Chen, Cheng-Kuo (cck)

    4. Chen, Wei-Han (wayne chen)

    5. Lu, Wei-Yuan (ntcbman)

    6. Chang, Chia-Cheng

    The result of Group A.

    1. Chen, Yi-Chong

    2. Wang, Shuan-Wei

    3. Tsai, Shin-Di

    4. Song, Pei-Rong

    The result of Group B.

    1. Yang, Ya-Jun

    2. Lin, Jun-Yu

    We will publish game records soon. Thank you very much for your support and attending.

    Connect6 Working Group ( or

    PS. All new messages about Connect6, such as contest info, new openings and puzzles, will be sent to you via this email group, which includes all members and all participants in NCTU-cup/TNI-cup/Connect6 Club. All email would be bilingual, but no guaranttee to translate every sentence into English. (Volunteers for translation are highly welcome.)

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