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Proposing Connect6 Extended Rule (to prevent from draw games)
  • euhuang ★ at 2008-12-22

    Below message is from the Taiwan Connect6 Association, Connect6 Working Group.


    Dear all Connect6 players,

    In order to prevent from draw games, we have two promising proposals for rule extensions as described in

    According to our analysis and unofficial polling, the second proposal seems more acceptable to most players. Therefore, Taiwan Connect6 Association accepts the second proposal temporarily at this moment. We will try this new rule in NCTU-cup open tournament, in 2009.

    However, your comments are still highly appreciated. Please send all kinds of comments to us at Unless there are some negative comments, it is expected to finalize the proposal (roughly at the end of 2009). Thank you very much for your attention and comments.

    Taiwan Connect6 Association

    Connect6 Working Group ( or

    PS. All new messages about Connect6, such as contest info, new openings and puzzles, will be sent to you via this email group, which includes all members and all participants in NCTU-cup/TNI-cup/Connect6 Club. All email would be bilingual, but no guaranttee to translate every sentence into English. (Volunteers for translation are highly welcome.)

  • stabber at 2008-12-26

    how about Championship#6? will it change rule?

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