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PTD Contest, and the 3rd NCTU Cup Connect6 Open Tournament
  • euhuang ★ at 2008-05-27

    (Below message is posted on behalf of Prof. I-Chen Wu.)


    Dear all Connect6 players,

    A reminder: A PTD contest sponsored by Taiwan Connect6 Association (TC6A) will be held in Chung-Hua (Taichung), Taiwan, on June 1st, 2008.

    The goal of this contest is to promote strong non-dan players to 1 dan. TC6A will award 1 dan certificate to the top players, about one for every eight non-dan players.

    More importantly, we would like to announce the following in advance:

    1. The 3rd NCTU Cup Connect6 Open Tournament will be held as usual at National Chiao Tung University (NCTU), Hsinchu, Taiwan, on August 23 (Sat), 2008.

    2. The 1st Man-Machine Connect6 Tournament will be held at NCTU, on August 24 (Sun), 2008. In this tournament, the program NCTU6 (the gold winner at Computer Olympiad in 2006) will play against Connect6 professionals. The top 3 winners in the 3rd NCTU-cup will be invited automatically.

    Please mark in your schedule. The detailed information will be released soon.

    Tips for non-domestic players who would like to attend: Please contact Miss Pecu Tsai (, or TEL: +886-937870821) to help apply for Taiwan Visa. For some countries, such as China, East European countries, please contact as early as you can (at least by early-July). We will arrange free accommodation for you in NCTU campus.

    Thank you for your attention.

    Connect6 Working Group ( or

    PS. All new messages about Connect6, such as contest info, new openings and puzzles, will be sent to you via this email group, which includes all members and all participants in NCTU-cup/TNI-cup/Connect6 Club. All email would be bilingual, but no guaranttee to translate every sentence into English. (Volunteers for translation are highly welcome.)

  • ondik at 2008-05-28

    Too bad it's so far and I don't know anybody who would go there from europe :(

    But maybe if there's a world championship in future…

    Anyway nice to see there is still progress going on in connect6!

    Btw euhuang, is there a possibility to get the strongest version of NCTU6?

  • Andrey at 2008-05-29

    I have ver. 1.0 of NCTU6 - but this program is too weak, hope next version play better. Is it possible to get new version?

  • euhuang ★ at 2008-05-29

    As far as I know, not even Taiwan players can get NCTU6 advanced version to install on their own computers. I have ver.1.0 only. I think Prof. Wu's team keeps it as a secret weapon for the Man-Machine Contest and other future C6 AI competition. Nevertheless, on CYC C6 site, you can play for free against stronger NCTU6 version than the ver 1.0.

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