An interesting tool specialized for LG (forwarded) Gomoku, Connect6

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An interesting tool specialized for LG (forwarded)
  • euhuang ★ at 2008-05-07

    Below message is from Prof. I-Chen Wu's Connect6 Working Group:


    Dear All Connect6 players,

    We believe that you would love it!

    When reading Connect6 games at (LG), you might find it inconvenient to trace moves step-by-step since you have to reload pages for each step. Now, a tool developed by our group can be used to read Connect6 games easily without reloading pages by changing the LG board into our dynamic boards. In order to install the tool, please read〈=en.

    Please let us know any problems or bugs. Thank you!

    Enjoy reading.

    Connect6 Working Group ( or

    PS. All new messages about Connect6, such as contest info, new openings and puzzles, will be sent to you via this email group, which includes all members and all participants in NCTU-cup/TNI-cup/Connect6 Club. All email would be bilingual, but no guaranttee to translate every sentence into English. (Volunteers for translation are highly welcome.)

  • z at 2008-05-08


    Instructions for FireFox users:

    1. Install GreaseMonkey ( and restart FireFox.

    2. Open in the browser and install the script.

  • Chaosu at 2008-05-23

    Well, but I would turn it on only for finished games, i were browisng code but im not familiar with that scripting language, anyone can help me?

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