Why must Black's first move be in the centre in Connect6? Gomoku, Connect6

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Why must Black's first move be in the centre in Connect6?
  • Norak at 2008-02-29

    Why must Black's first move be in the centre in Connect6? Is this rule necessary for fairness?

  • estevao at 2008-03-01

    There has not been any proven advantage to playing off-center as of yet.

    Furthermore, it is agreed that white's first move is the critical component that decides how the game is played. Theoretically, C6 should be played on an infinte-sized board, and in that case it wouldn't matter where black played it's first move because it would always be the starting point of the game, and white must react.

  • Gregorlo at 2008-03-01

    It is by no means a fairness affair. I believe the center is the strongest first move for black.

    Anyway, i'd prefer to remove the rule of moving in the center. If it is really that strong, everybody will play center eventually :)

  • safe at 2008-03-01

    I play Corner and Border ,….left over from years gone by playing a game similar too gomoku and renju…

    if you like Invite me to a game at Its Your Turn. you can start wherever you like.

    i think that starting the game on the border allows strength to be developed as you can then develope a Long Game to different quadrants that helps…when you play sometimes as you Know what the right formation looks like ahead of time giving you a small edge as it were in the placement of stones …Order is important in the selection of your moves and sometimes this is painfully clear : )

    playing border allows some chance to see this more clearly as it were…

  • estevao at 2008-03-01

    safe: this isn't Go.

  • ondik at 2008-03-02

    with current rule, first move in center is the best move for black. Hope to see swap here someday, would be fun :)

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