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The best gomoku players on this site.
  • hector at 2003-01-29

    7 hungarian players are in the top 10

    (2 unknown nationality) in gomoku.

    This is the hungarian encouragement :

    “Hajr√° magyarok !”


  • Malaj at 2003-02-14

    Thanks hector, that was very nice of you.

    Actually all Hungarians on this site have played against each other, and except for two of them, all are also involved in the First Hungarian Internet Championship. So this is a really good excercise for all of us.

    That makes me ask the question: Are you an honorary Hungarian? If not yet, I think you should be so :-)

  • Willy Nguyen at 2004-07-13

    don't be like that man, I know hungarian are not the best players!

  • cortona at 2004-09-07

    nice negative statement, Willy. any kinder comments?

  • volterra at 2005-09-05

    russian players will take over completely before the end of the year.

  • vector at 2005-09-06

    Alex and Andrey might well be the same person but “they” are definitely ahead of the pack. Too bad they both start with short pro surewin openings, but it is true they know these openings from the perspective of black as well as white.

    Mikle is he third on my list, then comes Kacper and myself. gabor7777, Norbi, iec and a host of others would also be in the top 10 if they had not left LittleGolem.

  • KPT at 2006-01-29

    sorry hector

    but Russian players lead the ranking

    top 4 .

    but hungary are very good anyway!!

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