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New alternate board for Amazons
  • Ed Collins at 2003-11-16

    I created what I think is a more attractive board for Amazons.
    I’d like everyone’s opinion.

    I don’t care for the color combination, or the White Queen, or
    the circles of the current board... so I made a change to all

    The new board (and an image of the current board beside it) can
    both be <a href=""
    target=“v”>found here.

    Notice the White Queen now has slightly more "white"
    inside it. This is to help differentiate it further from the
    Black Queen, which I find too similar.

    The circles have been replaced with a "3D box" to help
    give the impression of depth, and thus it’s not something that a
    Queen or arrow can pass over.

    If enough people like the new board, maybe Richard will give
    players the option of using this one, like he did with Twixt and

  • Ed Collins at 2003-11-16

    This was my first post using html... and I can see I made a few errors. (The spacing and the link.)


  • Berry at 2003-11-16

    Ed I like the new design.

  • Dvd Avins at 2003-11-16

    I like the board you created. I think I prefer it to the one we use, though I don’t object to either.

    Actually, I think the image of an object (coin or box) blocking a square is an unfortunately necessary congruence to the physical game. If Amazons were a conputer-only game, I think it would be better to simply remove the square altogether. Put a black border around the board, small black borders around each square, and any square knocked out would also become enirely black.

  • Ed Collins at 2003-11-16

    Berry and Dvd, thanks for your comments.

    Yes, if the border around the board was black, and if the blocked squares were also entirely black, that would probably give the impression of a “hole” and that might be okay. Still, I’m not so sure I’d prefer that. The more I look at my “3D” box, the more I like this. (Of course, I’m partial, since I created it.) I tried five or six different sizes and styles before I settled on the box that I did.

  • Jeff Raven at 2003-12-30

    Of the new boards you’ve put together, I think brown one (top right) has the best contrast between the light and dark squares, something I think think the old board sorely lacks. I’m not sure whether I like the boxes being brown as well, though... but all things considered I do like it best of the options, and it’s a vast improvement on the old board.

    I’ve never gotten around to playing amazons here because I always disliked the board so much — it seemed to easy to misread diagonals without a checkerboard. If a new board becomes available, I’ll pretty much have to play...

  • Ed Collins at 2004-01-03

    Thanks for your comments, Jeff.

    I’ve decided I like the board in the lower left the best. If you look closely, you’ll see that these boxes are slightly smaller than the boxes I used in the other two boards. I’ve decided I like this smaller size box the best.

  • T-Rex at 2004-03-08

    At Richard’s PBeM server, the squares where the arrows land are entirely blocked out with red, while the rest of the board is subtly checkered.
    The result is easy to understand & esthetically pleasing.
    I think that entirely blocked out squares is the best idea because the result is the clearest, although all four of the designs presented here, including the one we use currently, are fine.

  • Ed Collins at 2007-01-08

    Well, it’s been a little more than three years since my original post (amazing how time flies) and I STILL hope that someday Richard can give us a choice of alternate boards to play on, like he does for a couple of other games here.

    The changes I made are...

    The White Queens have a little more “white” inside them.

    There is a dark border separating each square, and an edge around the border.

    The squares alternate light and dark, like a chessboard. (It’s easier for me to see important diagonals with alternating square colors.)

    The color combinations of the board we are using now are REALLY hard on my eyes. I give three different ideas.

    The round circle is replaced with a “three dimensional” box, which I prefer. Note the two different box sizes.

    Richard? A choice for the users please? Thanks.

  • FatPhil at 2007-01-24

    Ed – tried greasemonkey?

  • Ed Collins at 2007-01-24

    No, in fact I only recently (4 or 5 months ago) began using Firefox. I don’t have any of the add ons I’ve heard about. I’ll look into it.

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