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One-Day Tournament?
  • testingqwerty at 2020-11-16

    Hi Everyone,

    I'm wondering if people would be interested in participating in a one-day tournament. As far as I'm aware, there has not been such a tournament organized for Amazons yet. It would give players an opportunity to play on faster time controls, as opposed to correspondence games.

    I don't have any experience with tournament organization, but I'm sure we'd be able to figure out the logistics if there was enough interest.

  • Lazy Twits at 2020-11-16

    From Tournament page, below game selection

    Notice: all games are played with the same time limit. 10 days/game + 36 hours/move (time reserve can be maximum 10 days). You can take 20 days of vacation per year.

  • Hunter C at 2020-11-17

    Testing, I will play with you on IGGameCenter…

  • testingqwerty at 2020-11-17

    Clark: I've been on igGameCenter a bit recently, although I''m quite busy at the moment with other things, but I look forward to playing some live games with you again.

    How often are you signed into igGC?

  • PFW at 2020-11-17


  • Hunter C at 2020-11-18

    Testing I'm on Randomly. I'll be on today.

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