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LazyAmazons - a new online Amazons board
  • lazydemon at 2020-09-20

    Hello people!

    I’ve created an Amazons app, try it!

    (It doesn't work well on a mobile at the moment, sorry about that)

    Click here!
    [Even though I enjoy playing Amazons here on LG I haven’t found any online Amazons boards I really liked, so I decided to create my own.\
    The design goal for this first version was to make it easier to try out different variations in order to make finding a good move for my LG games easier.\
    It has been very helpful to me, maybe you will find some use of it as well? \
    The goal of the app, for now, is to be a tool for analyzing Amazons games.\
    I think the next step is to start persisting boards and allow users to make comments on different moves.\
    Maybe then players could start reviewing games in my app after matches?\

    • Make moves using drag-drop.\
    • Load games by copying a move-list and pasting in the app or click the load button.\
    • Quickly jump back and forth in the move history using the prev/next button or left/right key on the keyboard.\
    • Quickly jump to any point in the game by clicking on the move list.\
    • Figure out the endgame easier using the territory counting below the board. (It does not take defective territory into account!) Turn on the territory visualization if you are confused about the numbers.\
    • Plays a sound effect when placing a piece.\
    • The board has an actual check pattern!\
      The project is open source, let me know if you’d like to help out!](

    I’d love to hear your thoughts, feel free to reach out here in the thread, in a DM, or an Amazons game invite.

    Please report any bugs you find, either on GitHub or in a DM here on LG.

  • lazydemon at 2020-09-20

    Oh great, the entire post became a link and there is no edit or delete button.

    I guess you won't have trouble finding the link. :)

  • ypercube ★ at 2020-09-20


    And no, there is no edit or delete for posts here.

  • Ed Collins at 2020-09-20

    Great!  Now make one for Havannah.    :)

    fyi… the app didn't work for me with Firefox.  It wouldn't load a game pasted into memory.  However, when I switched over and tried using Microsoft Edge, loading a game worked perfectly.

  • lazydemon at 2020-09-20


    Thanks for the report, sadly it seems to be a limitation with firefox and it won't be possible to get around without making the user paste into a text box instead, which I don't think is very nice.

    I might be able to show some kind of message saying it won't work in firefox or something though…

  • mungo ★ at 2020-09-21


    Thanks lazydemon

  • Hunter C at 2020-09-21

    Lazy Demon what an amazing tool, the only thing that I cant think to add is a feature for the “cross start”

  • lazydemon at 2020-09-21

    I'm glad you guys like it!

    @Clark94: It's actually already implemented but kind of hidden. Copy/Paste a game with “cross start”, if the game is long enough it will realize it was a “cross start”, then you can simply go back to the first move, and there you have it. But if none of the amazons that are placed differently have moved I cannot detect it by reading the moves.

  • Richard Malaschitz ★ at 2020-12-10

    Direct link added on game page

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