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  • Tommah at 2014-07-26

    I made some modifications to my old Amazons bot.  The new bot is running as “NataliaBot3”: .  Feel free to play a game against her (send her an invitation); I'm eager to see how much (and whether!) she has improved.

  • pedropajarito at 2014-07-26

    good, long time since I played Amazons

  • pedropajarito at 2014-07-27

    Got itself one queen down early on. Then decided it wanted to close the bottom right area at move #18, can't seen that it gained anything from that.

  • pedropajarito at 2014-07-27

    move 22 was strong

  • pedropajarito at 2014-07-27

    [URL=]Move 22[/URL]

  • Tommah at 2014-07-27

    Thanks for playing against her.  I thought this time I had finally solved that problem (I played a game against her and she managed to turn those “trapped” Amazons into large territory).  I will perform a few more experiments and see whether I can change that behavior.

  • Tommah at 2014-08-30

    If no one objects, I'm going to post a few rated games in the waiting room for my new bot Hippolyta.

  • Tommah at 2014-09-10

    If no one objects, I will enter her into the monthly cup too.

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