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Do you like new game board without grid?
  • Dong-Seup Hyun at 2014-05-20

    As you know, new game board for Amazon does not have grid on it.

    Do you like new game board?

    I feel confuse when I play games.
    And, I hope the grid back on the board.

  • Richard Malaschitz ★ at 2014-05-22

    Grid is bag...

  • Huw Rees at 2014-05-22

    getting fed up nwith the new layout. the player ids seem to cover the board so it is impossible to play. the wyps layout is ok now, but reversi also blocked. sorry but this is very crappy

  • Chris Smith at 2014-05-23

    I’m also unhappy with the Amazons board. Einstein still has a grid...

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