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List of all variants
  • FatPhil at 2011-09-22

    Does anyone have (or can we build) a list of Amazons variants?

  • Christian K at 2012-07-14

    I've never heard of any. But one that comes to mind would be shooting more than one shot every time you move. Or also allowing each peice to move like a knight in chess (in adition to the usual queen like movement).

    You could also do it so that every time you move along a path, you place a stone on very space in that path (instead of shooting).

  • FatPhil at 2012-07-14

    There was a call for suggestions for variants many years back. One variant I invented was 'suicide bomber' amazons. instead of your move, you can blow yourself up, and take everything next to you out too.

    There were weird ones where you were obliged to either move as far as possible in your chosen direction, and another where you were obliged to fire as far as possible in your chosen direction. Some even played trials of these variants, as it just requires remembering that you have that obligation (which is what the private message is useful for). They were quirky, and weren't as organic as the original.

  • halladba at 2012-07-14

    Monkey Trap by Christian Freeling can also be seen as a variant of Amazons. It is described in the hidden blog, IIRC.

  • jugular at 2013-09-30

    TWRS is not dissimilar and playing on a Hex grid is an obvious variant.

  • Tasmanian Devil at 2013-10-01

    Off the top of my head I might like to suggest two variants (which I may have suggested in the older thread as well):

    1. Movement optional, arrow firing compulsory.

    2. Each square has room for two arrows, and you can jump/fire across a square with only one arrow.

  • mouchet patrick at 2014-05-13

    More than ten years ago a variant called Centaurs has been devised by an Irish player. Rules are as with Amazons, but the pieces (the centaurs) may fire an arrow from any square along their moving path. With a 10x10 board the game is much like amazons, but new features appear with larger boards. It's very interesting with a 14x14 board provided that 8 pieces instead of 4 each side are used.

  • Thomas ★ at 2019-09-03

    Anti-Amazons: the first player unable to move wins.

    I think the basic variant would not work well. It would be a race to lock the own amazons in and the opponent could not do much to disturb it. But it might be better when combined with other rules, e. g. the maximum firing distance: an arrow flies always the maximum possible distance in the chosen direction. That makes it more difficult for an amazon to lock herself in.

  • Thomas ★ at 2019-09-03

    Pushable blocks: The moving amazon is able to push a block in front of her in the moving direction. Must stop before the block reaches a blocked or occupied square.

  • Thomas ★ at 2019-09-03

    Somewhere I read about Killer Amazons, I think it was at the Zillions of Games Site and it was even available as rules file: The moving amazon can capture an opponent's amazon by replacement, like in chess.

  • Hunter C at 2019-09-03

    I've always wondered about keeping the base game but adding more than 4 amazons per side. Like perhaps a total of 6 or8 per side.  (maybe put the new ones in the 4 center squares and/or the 4 squares  diagonally adjacent to the  corners.

    I love amazons but my only complaint about it is that the endings can be a little anti-climactic. I think that adding some more amazons to the fray would create a new dynamic and last a little bit longer, but I have never tested this.

  • Hunter C at 2019-09-03

    There is also Amazons on a Hex Board.

    Numbers of amazons, size of board and ability to move/shoot diagonally TBD (as i would guess orthogonal movement would be just fine.)

  • Hunter C at 2019-09-03

    VELETAS, although it’s a stand alone game, Veletas is the perfect “opposite game” for Amazons. Check it out on

  • Hunter C at 2019-09-03

    VELETAS, although it’s a stand alone game, Veletas is the perfect “opposite game” for Amazons. Check it out on

  • mouchet patrick at 2020-09-09

    A new Amazons variant. Desdemona is a very recently devised game which associates the Amazons move and shoot mechanism with the scoring way used in Othello. In spite of this Othello character, it may be considered as an Amazons variant because playing it is much more reminiscent of this game than to the other. Amazons lover should enjoy  Dedemona, which may be played at the Mindsports site, where the problems with java have been solved.

  • Richard Malaschitz ★ at 2020-09-10

    Czech chess - looks as chess variant, but it is more Amazon's variant than chess variant.

  • mouchet patrick at 2020-09-10

    Thank you for this information.

  • Hunter C at 2020-09-10

    Hey Richard, what are the odds that we could get Amazons on a hex (size 7) board?

  • Richard Malaschitz ★ at 2020-09-10

    Are somewhere rules ? How many stones and start positions ?

  • ypercube ★ at 2020-09-10

    Link above did not work for me. Let me try this:

  • Carroll ★ at 2020-09-11

    Anyone for a game to test it on ? (mainly a sandbox for chess, where you can remove king, queen and pawns and add the pawns later)

    A question, I think I read that pawns are not able to attack and provide one of the three attacks needed to place a pawn, is it true and why?

    Found on

  • mouchet patrick at 2020-09-11

    Just allows the access to  the czech-chess description.

  • Hunter C at 2020-09-11

    Richard, here is the forum that I posted the best working rules for hex amazons.

    Rules to hex amazons with examples.

  • mouchet patrick at 2020-09-13

    Thank you for this analysis Hunter. Did you test the variant when only orthogonal moves and shoots are allowed?

  • Hunter C at 2020-09-15

    Yes I did Patrick, when only orthogonal moves were allowed, blocking was much too strong. The addition of diagonal movement helped out a lot , but I felt like it was too power as amazons could just “jump” over barriers. It was a good compromise. Amazons have 12 lines of movement but can be blocked by only 6 arrows.

    Richard you think that there is a chance that it could be added ?

  • Carroll ★ at 2020-09-15

    I had the possibility to play a few games of czech-chess, it is quite good and deep, with a nice flow, as added pawns decrease your mobility if you place them in your own territory.

    It feels quite different from both chess and Amazons, but the fight to keep territory and mobility is really interesting.

  • mouchet patrick at 2020-09-16

    Hunter, it seems indeed that you find the best compromise.

    On the other hand I come back to Desdemona to sy that it would be a good thing to have the opinion of skilled Amazons players about this variant, which is very dynamic.

  • Hunter C at 2020-11-05


    Players move and shoot arrows as in traditional amazons. However now the arrow shot from an amazon is no longer neutral (white shoots white stones and black shoots black stones). This means that a player can now move and shoot through his own arrows. Players can also move and shoot through friendly amazons. Last player able to move wins.

    I've playtested it a few times and this really shakes up the game. Walls and Territory become even more formidable as now amazons claiming territories can still influence the game. One of the complaints about amazons is that the endgame can be pretty boring and uneventful. This is not the case in partisans. Games are decided after more arrows have been fired than in amazons.

  • Hunter C at 2020-11-05

    I'm free to play this on IGGamecenter with someone in the Sandbox mode. just send me a message on here

  • mouchet patrick at 2020-11-17

    Moving through friendly amazons seems not very elegant. Is it really  necessary?

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