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  • FatPhil at 2007-04-02

    1  p_a_k_o    1920(1980) ...  14    88
    2 Looser 1866(1940) ... 14 88
    3 Nosferatu 1826(1920) ... 14 88

    From the ratings increases, and the fact that you each only dropped one game, it looks like you all pulled out all of the stops for those championship games!

    Congratulations – how do you plan on splitting the prize? ;-)

  • Ed Collins at 2007-04-02

    This means the next Championship will start soon. Good. I’m entered, for the first time. Lately I’ve been having fun with Amazons and I’m looking forward to a bunch of good, competitive games.

    Over at IYT my current tournament record is 131 wins with just 9 losses. Obviously, I’ve seen few good players over there, and frankly, because of that, it’s not as much fun.

  • isometry at 2007-04-02

    This means the next Championship will start soon.

    Does it? The four remaining games are progressing very slowly.

  • isometry at 2007-04-02

    And it would appear that you played in the 6th championship. :-)

  • Ed Collins at 2007-04-02

    By golly, you’re right. I did play in the 6th Championship. That one started in 2003... so long ago I guess I’d forgotten.

    Remaining four games? Ah... you’re obviously referring to another league. I only looked at the results of the 1st league. Okay, I guess I’ll have to wait awhile longer. Thanks!

  • ypercube ★ at 2007-07-24

    Congratulations to miuek for the 15th championship!

  • Mojmir Hanes ★ at 2007-07-26

    Thanks, yper. It was very close championship and I must say the luck was really on my side.

  • bennok at 2007-07-26

    For example you were lucky I timed out :)
    I don’t know why but I always do it in top league matches!

  • Looser at 2007-07-26

    => bennok: Maybe because you want win so much. Then thinking about next move you forget about time :]

    Congrats miuek!

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