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Amazons article in ABSTRACT GAMES
  • Ed Collins at 2004-02-11

    In this month’s issue of ABSTRACT GAMES (Issue 16 Winter 2003) there is an entertaining and informative article on the game of Amazons.

    If you’re not familiar with the magazine, you can find out more about it at their website:

    The magazine just celebrated their fourth year of publication. I believe back issues are still available.

    The only think I don’t like about the mag is that it comes out just four times a year. The quality is excellent... I wish it were monthly.

  • internaut at 2007-01-19

    The following is from the site that Ed Collins referred to in the only other item on this thread. I did not check to see when it was posted.

    A Special Note about Abstract Games Magazine

    As you know, we had suspended publication for awhile. It was not something we wanted to do; it was something we had to do. It turned out to be for a longer period than we had ever intended. Unfortunately, despite our optimism, we’re still not yet ready to roll the presses. But when we do, subscribers will begin receiving their issues regularly again. We are grateful to all our loyal fans and readers for their patience and understanding.

    As its creators, we have taken an atypical departure with this imposed sabbatical. However, we believe our magazine is worth the wait. It is a labor of love, and a passion we want to carry on with — we just cannot say precisely when that will be.

    In the meantime, Happy Gaming! For those of you new to our website and for those who want to add or rebuild their collections, back issues are still available and we encourage you to indulge.

  • Gregorlo at 2007-01-19

    Yes, the quality was excelent, a real pitty it is discontinued now. :(

    And Internaut, it was posted 3 years ago, when Abstract Games Magazine was still in print.

    And the article about Amazons was very good, too...

  • internaut at 2007-01-19

    Strange that they have kept the site online after all these years. When I copied and pasted what they have on their homepage, I did not look inside. Now that I have, I tend to think it was a remarkable magazine. Too bad it went out of business.

    And, I certainly could use some help in Amazons such as that article you, Gregorio, refer to. :-)

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