I beat the bot TWIXT PP

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I beat the bot
  • David J Bush ★ at 2023-04-30

    I finally managed to snag a win from the bot in a real-time game, albeit with the handicap of the first move. I posted my session on BoardGameGeek. The game was actually yesterday. Since then the bot beat me again with move handicap. But it was a nice buzz while it lasted.

  • CosimoC at 2023-04-30

    Very interesting! Can you add this game on the Twixt Commentator to allow us to add our comments?

  • David J Bush ★ at 2023-04-30

    Done! Thanks for showing interest. If you have that file I sent you which lists available blank LG games, you could remove 2090007 from that list. The next one up is now 2091199.

  • Florian Jamain at 2023-04-30

    I don't understand anything to black opening, it seems just bad…

    I just seems to me that white is winning for the first move to the last move.

  • David J Bush ★ at 2023-04-30

    This is a handicap game, so that in itself is not very surprising to me. Sometimes the bot just falls down. I would appreciate any alternate move suggestions for the bot. Maybe it should have played in the bottom half much earlier than it did?

  • CosimoC at 2023-05-15

    I apologise for this late answer, because I stimulated this discussion, but I was not able to reply, because I was working abroad.
    As far as I can understand, David Bush succeeded to somewhat limit the power of Twixtbot by limiting the thinking time, so that the whole game lasted in almost half an hour. It resembles the games that we play in London at the Mind Sport Olympiad, with 15-20 minutes for each player for the whole game. Within these time restriction, I do not remember any particularly brilliant game in London, most of them being marred by distractions and miscalculations. On the other hand, this half hour game looks to be interesting. Well done David!
    Of course the first move is very strong and grants a huge advantage to White.
    However, it seems to me that Twixtbot appears not so brilliant in the opening phase, while he is almost perfect in the tactical fights. More considerations on the Twixt commentator…

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