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Twixtbot issue
  • David J Bush ★ at 2022-06-06

    A couple days ago I sent Twixtbot an invite, and got no response. I emailed Jordan about it and he replied:

    Something seems to have happened to the site and it doesn’t give me the list of games to play anymore and so the scraper crashes

    I sent another invite a couple hours ago, again with no response. Has anyone else sent the bot an invite recently?

  • flounder at 2022-06-07

    I sent an invite to TwixTbot yesterday after reading your post Mr. Bush. After 24 hours, still no response.

  • William Fraser at 2022-06-08

    Something has changed in the way that LG handles logins. TheShark can't connect to check for invites, either. I hope to look into this further in the near future. I'll keep you guys posted if I figure anything out…

  • Richard Malaschitz at 2022-06-08

    There was no change in the api, but only a small change on the page. The little red icon next to the number of pending games is now refreshed regularly, so when your opponent pulls it will be reflected on the icon and no refresh of the page is needed.

    The list of games can be retrieved through the api interface. There is no need to parse the page. The api is not public but you can contact me and I will provide it.

  • The_Shark_c at 2022-06-08

    Ah, thanks. Actually, I went through and debugged my script before seeing your reply. I'll contact you next time something breaks ;)

    Here are the changes I had to make:

    1. I needed to switch http to https
    2. The url to accept a game needs to have “accept=&invid=xxxx” in both the URL string and as POST data
    3. The returned page for both invitation acceptance and moves being played is now empty
  • Tommah at 2022-06-09

    The same thing happened to my Amazons bots. My scripts load the index page and then get the game IDs from that page. Now, though, the game IDs appear to be loaded with AJAX, so my bot doesn't see the game IDs anymore.

  • struggler at 2022-06-09

    Same here with mine.

    Richard, do you plan to make the API public in the near future?

  • William Fraser at 2022-06-09

    As near as I can tell, the gameIDs appear with the initial page load, then get updated via AJAX.

    (Based on the page for invitations)

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