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A book about Alex Randolph
  • CosimoC at 2022-04-14

    Hoping that some among the Twixt players can be interested, it is my honour to mention in this forum my book dedicated to Alex Randolph (1922-2004), the author of Twixt and of many other interesting board games. Part of the book is dedicated to the development of many of his game projects, and part to his life, full of adventures in four different continents. This last part was carefully checked with original documents, to confute the many incorrect stories that are present on the Web about his life.
    Up to now, it is only in Italian, but I hope that I will organise an English translation in the future. It can be bought in the main online bookseller or with the Editor.

    enter link description here

  • Carroll ★ at 2022-04-14

    Very nice, thank you for sharing.
    Did you meet Alex Randolph yourself, what made you write this book, can you share your thought process here?
    Yes please tell us about an English translation.

    I saw that one of his games was to be made into an app under the name ADDX,by Fabulous Games and on Facebook, I can not find it, do anyone know about it ?

  • CosimoC at 2022-04-14

    I met him and we discussed many times about his games (and we played a lot). I have worked on this project after his death in 2004, together with my good friend Giuseppe Baggio. The book is a summary of 3 lectures that I gave in the Board Games Studies Colloquia, plus a dozen of papers that I published in the Italian magazine Tangram.
    Finally, I added a chapter about Twixt.
    I believe that ADDX by Fabulous Games is the electronic version of the game named Milliardending (in Germany) and Sottosopra (in Italy), but the expert of the (many) variants is my friend Giuseppe.

  • Florian Jamain at 2022-04-16

    Of course tell us about translations!

    Seems to be a great job but as you know Cosimo I don't speak italian, sadly. :-(

  • brzy at 2022-04-18

    Is it known where Alex Randolph was born? Czech wikipedia states that he was born in Arizona but in the German wiki we have Brno in Czech Republic. A strange discrepancy!

  • CosimoC at 2022-04-19

    There are a lot of incorrect news on the Web, and I hope that this book could contribute to shed light on his life. Alex Randolph was born in 1922 in the Castle of Dobrohost, southern to Prague (Czech Republic). This castle was owned by his father, the painter Samuel Finkelstein. In 1924, Finkelstein bought the so called “Palazzo Stern” in Venice and moved there with his family, i.e. with his wife Mary Randolph, and two children, Christopher and Alexander. Some years later, he sold the castle of Dobrohost, that nowadays is almost abandoned.
    The Finkelstein-Randolph family remained in Venice until 1938-39, when they decided to move to the USA, first in Chicago (the city of Mary Randolph, in which Alexander attended the University) and later in the Rio Vista Ranch in Parker, Yuma County, State of Arizona.
    After the Second World War, Randolph lived mainly in Rome, Vienna, Rome, Japan, and finally he returned to Venice (1972), where he spent most of his life and where he is buried with his wife.
    Of course, everything I wrote was checked with the original documents stating these facts.

  • mmKALLL at 2022-04-21

    This book sounds like an incredible undertaking! I would also be interested in an English version down the line. :)

  • CosimoC at 2023-05-27

    So far, the book is still in Italian, but you can have a flavour of what is written with the documentary movie that was shot by Andrea Angiolino and Luca Bitonte. It is in Italian but someone added the subtitles in English. Moreover, there are a lot of friends of Alex Randolph, and you can see them as they are.

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