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Card Twixt
  • CosimoC at 2021-11-02

    I observed that there is a so called Card Twixt among the games of the next Tokyo Market. It looks to be something related to Twixt, but played with cards.

    I do not know the Japanese language, and I cannot even guess what is written.
    As a player and as a scholar, I am always interested in all the Twixt variants.
    Can one of our so kind Japanese friends translate what is this game, at least to provide a general description?
    Thank you.

  • Alan Hensel at 2021-11-02

    I google searched “カードツイクスト”. I think this link is more informative:

    “It's basically the same rules as TwixT, but with some differences. As a big one: when it's your turn, draw a card and insert your peg according to that card.”

    This not only introduces players to basic setups, but also handicaps better players. It also opens up possibilities for further handicapping.

  • David J Bush ★ at 2021-11-03

    Here are some images that were posted on Twitter.



  • japan_izumi at 2021-11-03

    I designed the Card Twixt. I am not good at English, so I use translation software to write it. There may be some mistakes in the text.

    Here's an overview of Card Twixt.

    Card Twixt is a Twixt that uses cards to determine the location of the pegs.
    There are two rules. There are two rules, one for a single card in hand and one for two cards in hand.
    I named the one-card rule the introductory game, and the two-card rule the basic game. Each rule uses some common cards and some uncommon cards.

    The cards are basically those that refer to your pegs already on the board and those that refer to your opponent's pegs.

    The rules of Card Twixt have some differences from the rules of Twixt.

    You can only link to the peg you stabbed in the current turn. This is the rule that allows the “Remove Link” card to function.

    There is a card called “Remove Link” in Card Twixt. In Japanese, it is “The bridge falls down”. When you play “Removelink”, your opponent removes your link.

    There are some differences between the introductory game and the basic game. First, the way you start is different.
    In the introductory game, you start by placing the pegs and links. Each player starts the game by inserting his or her first move without using cards. After that, the game is played with cards.

    In the base game, you start with the same pie rule as in Twixt. However, we have created a card called the starting card.

    If you run out of cards, in the introductory game you shuffle the discarded cards to make a deck. In the basic game, you can only shuffle your discard cards after you have used all your cards. In other words, you must play “Remove Link”.

  • japan_izumi at 2021-11-03

    Right now, there are two versions of the Card Twixt.
    The print-and-play version and the self-published version.
    The self-published version is the one that will be sold at the Tokyo Game Market.

    The print-and-play version is available at the following link.
    The print-and-play version will be available at the following link, but will be discontinued after the Tokyo Game Market on November 20.

    Card Twixt Self-Publishing Rules

  • David J Bush ★ at 2021-11-03

    Thank you Izumi-san. Here is a link where the game will be sold starting November 20.

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