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Real-time quads?
  • David J Bush ★ at 2021-09-10
                    A quad is a tournament, or simultaneous tournaments, which are guaranteed to finish in three rounds.

    “Monthly quads?“:

  • David J Bush ★ at 2021-09-10

    My browser is Brave, running under Linux Mint. I notice as I type this that the text is monospace. I see text formatting icons, which were not available for the original post. I tried to follow textile markup instructions.

  • David J Bush ★ at 2021-09-28

    Interest is growing in the quads. Potential attendance for October 9 is now at 6, including Florian, myself, and four in Japan.

    To recap the above link: A quad is a real time tournament or simultaneous tournaments guaranteed to last no more than three rounds. That means we can use a slower time limit and still finish in a reasonable time. Four players would play a round robin. 5 to 7 would play a Swiss tourney. 8 players would be broken into an upper rated quad and a lower rated quad. The Boardspace rating list is here. These ratings determine who is placed in which tournament, and how the first round pairings are determined. 9 to 11 players would be broken into an upper round quad and a lower round Swiss. 12 players are broken into 3 quads, and so on.

    Everyone is welcome! Details about how to register and play Twixt on Boardspace are here. This is not sponsored by the MSO. The Boardspace discord is here. Between rounds, we will be chatting on one of the voice channels there. But you don't need to listen; pairings will be announced in text form in the lobby. I recommend you familiarize yourself with playing Twixt over there, for example how to remove and rearrange links in the rare chance that you will need to.

    The time control is 20 minutes per player per game with 20 seconds increment per move. I will announce pairings in the lobby. The first player listed will make the first move as red, and the other player will have the option to swap. On Boardspace, swap means swap-colors, as opposed to here, where swap means swap-firstpeg.

    The button to propose a draw will not appear until the draw is played out and neither player has any way to form a continuous chain. Please ask me if you have any question.

    The tournament begins at 10:30 pm Tokyo time which is 3:30 pm in Paris, 9:30 am in New York, and 6:30 am in Los Angeles. It will last roughly 3 hours.

  • David J Bush ★ at 2021-09-28

    Heh instead of “upper round quad and lower round Swiss” I meant “upper rated quad and a lower rated Swiss.”

  • ypercube ★ at 2021-09-28

    Nice idea. I don't think I am free that day and time but I'll surely login at some point and watch ;)

  • David J Bush ★ at 2021-10-09

    The first “Second Saturday Quads” had just three participants. I played both players at the same time twice. I will post some analysis in a few days. I will use a completed game here with 0 moves. So the listed players might be JoesPizza versus cheezburger, but it will actually be me versus either Galispair versus mmKALL. Some of the comments might be in Japanese.

    The next quads event is scheduled for Saturday 13 November. Daylight Savings time will be gone by then, so the event will be one hour earlier (8:30 am New York time) to accommodate the Japanese players, who don't use daylight savings in the first place.

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