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MSO 2021 results
  • MisterCat at 2021-08-28
            Florian Jamain regains the Gold Medal in the Twixt championship - played online, and posted by Florian on his YouTube page.


  • MisterCat at 2021-08-28

    which is here: Youtube:

    You can scroll to the end for final results in this 9 player event.

  • Florian Jamain at 2021-08-29

    Was really hard and I was lucky to win there.

    10min+10s is so short to play a TwixT game, I basically think I was losing at some point in my 6 games, as usual I played until the very end to try everything and I could find some ways to get many wins.

    There were no easy match in this tournament, well played to all the participants.

  • MisterCat at 2021-08-29

    Finally, a simple cut and paste:


    Now to hand-copy the results table from YouTube (pain in the …). There were no draws, and some folks are listed under internet names, club names, etc.

    I am sorry - I put a lot of effort into copying the data in neat, easy-to-read columns, and this word processor would not let me - removed all formatting. You shall have to make do.

    Name wins forfeit wins losses

    Florian Jamain 5 0 1 Twixter (Peyrol) 3 1 2 mmKALLL 4 0 2 yukiblue (yukiblue51) 3 1 2 Tauml 4 0 2 CosimoC 2 1 3 Clawmac (clawmac) 2 1 3 jurin (jurincafe) 1 1 4 Yohei1022 0 1 5

    This was a hard fought tournament, as seen by the 4-way tie for 2nd place (silver and bronze were awarded using tiebreaking rules). Even Florian took one loss. Six of the players are known here, and as for the other three - perhaps they play here under different names?

    It is also possible to view individual results on Florian's video, by stopping at that display. To read these results, I recommend putting YouTube in HD display mode, full screen, and you might STILL need a magnifying glass!

    I agree with Florian that the time control used here is kind of ridiculous. It is good, perhaps, for spectators to watch, but the players can not be at their best. mc

  • tamiflu at 2021-09-01

    Taurril is me.
    All the games were very interesting.

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