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Software (App) needed to open J Twixt
  • RackemRock at 2021-07-12


    While boning up on Twixt I've read in several places that David Bush recommends downloading the J Twixt file to study strategy. So I've downloaded Java so I can run it but don't know what app to use to open the .tgt file. Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you.

  • Miwarre at 2021-07-13

    I am not a Twixt player, but I know something about Java. The “app” to open the JTwixt file(s) should be a *.jar file, which in the link posted by David Bush here seems to be jtwixt09a2.jar . Once Java installed, run the application with:

    java -jar /jtwixt09a2.jar

    David notes that this JAR requires an older Java version and also posted instructions about how to retrieve it.

    Hoping this helps…

  • David J Bush ★ at 2021-07-28

    Yes, please message or email me, twixtfanatic atsymbol gmail period com

    Here is the command line I invoke under Linux Mint:
    /home/david/Downloads/Oracle_java/jdk-10.0.2/bin/java -jar /home/david/games/Twixt/sw/jtwixt09a2.jar

    Of course, in Windows, the slashes are the other way.
    I have created a launcher icon on my desktop which invokes the above command when I double click it.
    I could email you the image I use for my icon.

    Once I have the Jtwixt app running, then I open up a tgt file.
    Jtwixt has lots of problems but also lots of nice features.
    One problem is, it does not recognize swap as a move.
    Alan Hensel's analysis page provides a workaround for size 24 games. There is a link at the bottom of each page to download a Little Golem game. Suppose a game starts 1.G5 2.swap The downloaded Jtwixt game will have the moves 1.E7 2.E7 For size 30 games with swap, there is a laborious process you can go through to produce a position which has the same orientation as shown on Little Golem, but the piece colors will be reversed. Size 48 is not accessible using Jtwixt, but you could use Inkscape instead. I could email you an svg file of a blank 48 board with pegs and links on the side. You could copy and paste pieces that will snap into position. Use undo (control-Z) to retract moves.

    Back to Jtwixt: I recommend you go to Misc->UI->DB and then in the board menu select Outline Player 1. This will put an outline around player 1 pegs and border lines, so that can be a light color which is distinguished from the board background. This also changes the next move symbols to something more easily readable IMO. Also don't forget to Misc->Set window defaults AND Board->Make current board default once you have all the colors and other stuff the way you want them.

    There are lots of tricks and features like that. The next move symbols remind you what your own analysis of each variation is. Label the leaf nodes as winning, losing, Tie game, advantage etc. and all the other nodes will be labeled correspondingly. There is no engine; Jtwixt does not know how to play. But it remembers your evaluations of each variation you play out.

    Jtwixt uses standard rules not PP. So you might want to remove and rearrange links once in a while. You have to hold down the Ctrl key as you place a peg. This puts you into long move mode. Click on any link of yours to mark it for removal. Click on any peg of yours on the board to autolink to it. Hold down Ctrl again while clicking on a peg to end your move.

  • RackemRock at 2021-08-21

    Thank you both for your help with this. I will email you, David, for the image.

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