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New championship not starting? TWIXT PP

11 replies. Last post: 2021-04-08

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New championship not starting?
  • shyryan ★ at 2020-12-15

    It looks like it's been well over a week now since the last game of the most recent championship wrapped up. Isn't the new tournament supposed to start seven days after the last one ends? Is something preventing it from happening?

  • shyryan ★ at 2020-12-22

    Bumping this topic. Does anyone know why the new championship (#59) hasn't started yet?

  • David J Bush ★ at 2020-12-22

    Indeed, the last section ended on 5 December. I hope the championship isn't going to be 30x30 again.

  • Richard Malaschitz ★ at 2020-12-26

    All championships start on 1st day of month.

  • shyryan ★ at 2020-12-27

    Oh, that explains it. Thank you!

  • Steven at 2021-04-08

    Last championship I was in ended  2021-03-22 14:30.  We are in April now, did I miss the boat on the next championship?  I have no active games.

  • shyryan ★ at 2021-04-08

    The winner is announced when Group 1 finishes, but the tournament isn't really “over” by the server's standards until every group finishes. The next championship begins on the following 1st day of month.

    Right now we're still waiting on one game in group 3.1 and one game in group 3.4.


  • Steven at 2021-04-08


  • Steven at 2021-04-08

    Thanks for info.  So next tournament begins May 1st?

  • MisterCat at 2021-04-08

    actually ONE game in group 3.1 and ONE game in group 3.4.  It is not ethical to comment at all on the progress of ongoing games.

    You are not GUARANTEED a May 1st start.  This outcome might be considered likely, considering today is only April 8.


  • MisterCat at 2021-04-08

    shyryan stated the waiting games correctly; I am tired and misread his post; there was no error.


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