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  • ab at 2004-09-25

    Is there a program to display the Twixt-sgf-files?
    (for List Of Moves>TXT)

  • David J Bush ★ at 2004-09-25

    As far as I know, no. Jtwixt will someday have the ability to import SGF files, but not yet.

  • Philippe Van Schendel at 2004-09-26

    i could do that in the k2z win32 client.

    or... you could write the code, and i integrate it in k2z.

    interested xurux ??

  • David J Bush ★ at 2004-09-26

    Richard M. has said he will place all the Twixt games for each year into an archive for download. It may be in the form of a single large text file with each game listed (individually). This text file might be compressed into a zip file or something. I hope that when he does this, he will also change his SGF syntax to conform to the Twixt standard. There are just a few changes:

    * The first node should contain the GM21 property to indicate Twixt.

    * There should also be the RU[PP] property to indicate the “paper and pencil” ruleset used on LG. This is important for any client software to recognize whether the same player’s links may cross each other or not. With the PP ruleset, there are no link removal or addition moves. All moves on the board are peg placement moves.

    * Instead of b and r to indicate moves by the players, W and B should be used, with W making the first move.

    * There are two types of swap moves: “swap-sides” and “swap-firstpeg.” Little Golem always uses “swap-firstpeg.” It is important to recognize the difference, because subsequent moves in the game will have “mirror-image” coordinates from the coordinates you would get when using the other type of swap.

    * The hole coordinates should be a letter followed by a number, not two letters.

  • David J Bush ★ at 2004-09-26

    Here are some more syntax differences:

    * An example of the text file for a drawn game is here. Here is how a draw proposal and acceptance are shown:


    Instead, the end of this game should look like this:


    * An example of the text file for a game forfeited on time is here. This file makes no mention of the fact that the game is over, and is indistinguishable from a game in progress. The last node looks like this:


    Instead, another node should be added to this game:


    * The PB and PW properties do not have the correct values. In Twixt, white moves first. The player names should be switched around.

    * Speaking of the game result, it would be helpful, although not necessary, to include the RE (game result) property in the first node. An explanation of the RE property is here.

  • Philippe Van Schendel at 2004-09-28

    any C++ programmer here interested by writing code that readand parse SGF syntax ??

    then i could integrate the code in the K2z client.

    i’m too busy right now.

  • technolion at 2004-10-04

    Philippe, would be really cool, if you’d implement a feature that gets the game history of a agme right out of LG. That way you’d only need to insert a game number and the game would be imported in KZ2 for analyzing it.

  • Philippe Van Schendel at 2004-10-05

    how to extract a game from LG database ??

    i guess there is no call a HTTP get request
    and parse the html output ??

  • technolion at 2004-10-05

    Yes. You can take Alans Ruby script as a reference:

  • David Milne at 2004-10-05

    Yes. You can take Alans Ruby script as a reference:

    Well I downloaded getgame.rb and extracted a game from LG.
    But how do I look at the game ???

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