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http error 301 at the commentator
  • bob440 at 2020-07-17

    The commentator is suddenly unable to get games it doesn’t already have. It returns the message "HTTP error 301 trying to get game #######."

  • David J Bush ★ at 2020-07-18

    Could it be that games in progress are no longer accessible for analysis?

    There;s always Jtwixt.

    I will email Alan.

  • shyryan at 2020-07-18

    It also seems to be happening for finished games.

    Meanwhile, you can go to the Main Page of the commentator site, pull up a recently commentated game, and manually enter the moves of your current game if you really, really need to analyze.

  • mtbikesman at 2020-07-18

    Need to fix this ASAP.  I am not any good without using Twixt Commentator.  Actually not that good even with it.

  • David J Bush ★ at 2020-07-18

    shyryan, could you please provide an example of a completed game which is inaccessible to the commentator? The complete Little Golem URL would be handy. Thank you.

    A better workaround is Jtwixt. I will post a new thread about that soon.

  • David J Bush ★ at 2020-07-18

    I had difficulties posting my instructions here on LG. Here are my instructions on BoardGameGeek. Registration there is free.

  • bob440 at 2020-07-18

    All better now.

    After my original post, I’d also confirmed that the problem also occurred with finished games. I suppose I should have added that information.

    My apologies

  • bob440 at 2020-07-18

    Spoke too soon. Not sure what I did a few moments ago that caused me to think the problem was fixed, but it’s not.

  • Tommah at 2020-07-18

    LG’s new HTTPS certificate (which was created yesterday) supports accessing the site at but not at  I used to use the latter domain (without the www) but that doesn’t work now.  I suspect that the Twixt commentator may be running into the same problem.

  • shyryan at 2020-07-18

    David, here’s one:

  • Alan Hensel at 2020-07-18

    Commentator has always hit, with the www. So... I’m puzzled.

  • David J Bush ★ at 2020-07-18

    Thank you shyryan.

    Um, does the commentator use https in the address, or just http?

  • shyryan at 2020-07-18

    David, looks like it’s http.

  • bob440 at 2020-07-18

    Alan — are you sure about vs

    Click on the Little Golem link in this line on the main page.

    > A forum to view, comment on, and read other people’s comments on finished Twixt games from Little Golem. Enjoy!

  • bob440 at 2020-07-18

    and I just noticed that that link was tripping a certificate error earlier today, but works not — so it would appear that that is not the problem

  • bob440 at 2020-07-18

    works now

  • shyryan at 2020-07-18

    still doesn’t work for me. y’all have it back?

  • shyryan at 2020-07-18

    Oh, I see what you mean by “works now”. My blunder.

  • David J Bush ★ at 2020-07-19

    It would seem that all the completed games which the analysis site cannot access, are games completed after the certificate change. Can anyone link me to a game which ended before the 17th, for which the link to the analysis site does not work?

  • kspttw at 2020-07-19

    for example

  • Alan Hensel at 2020-07-19

    I’ve made a change to Commentator. Seems to fix it.

    I can’t be completely certain it doesn’t introduce bugs, so if you notice anything unusual, let me know.

  • bob440 at 2020-07-19

    would those potential bugs affect anything other than retrieving games from LG?

  • Alan Hensel at 2020-07-19

    Probably not. Why? Did you notice something?

  • bob440 at 2020-07-19

    nope, just wondering what I should pay attention to

  • MisterCat ★ at 2020-07-19

    In the world of computer programming, ANY change in the software has the potential to introduce unexpected bugs.  I believe that Alan was just speaking in a general sense. mc.

  • David J Bush ★ at 2020-07-19

    Thanks very much Alan! You were under no obligation to re-enable our addiction to your site, as things have turned out.

    Meanwhile the Methadone (Nicoret?) of Jtwixt is still available.

  • bob440 at 2020-07-19

    Mister Cat — are you referring to the law of unintended consequences?

  • shyryan at 2020-07-20

    Thank you Alan!!

  • shyryan at 2020-11-18

    Looks like the commentator is down again, this time entirely (not just for unfinished games). I’m getting “We can't connect to the server” messages.

  • shyryan at 2020-11-18

    Now it seems like it’s back. False alarm, or thank you. :)

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