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The World vs. Twixtbot part 3
  • MisterCat ★ at 2020-01-14

    The analysis of the game has become overwhelming, so I created another ‘analysis stub’ - resigned a fake game so that comments can be posted at Twixt Commentator.  Here come the URL’s:

    Analysis PART TWO for The World vs. Twixtbot

    The fake game number is 2142726, but there is nothing to see there.

    The ACTUAL GAME being played is number 2140447 , and you can view it here: The World vs. Twixtbot

    Twelve moves have been played at this point, and it is white’s (The World) turn to move.  Everyone and anyone should feel free to join the discussion by posting at Commentator!


  • MisterCat ★ at 2020-01-14

    Because David Bush created a DIFFERENT analysis page while I was creating THIS one, the place to go is now unclear.  Keep watching this thread for clarification.


  • MisterCat ★ at 2020-01-14

    All is good; use the above links for the current analysis.


  • Mic22 at 2020-01-18

    Good LUCK! ! You all are the best in the ..BIZ.. <><>

  • Mic22 at 2020-02-10

    CONGRATULATIONS!! You all did it. <><>

  • MisterCat ★ at 2020-02-11

    Thanks for the support, Mic22!


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