After 10 years the 2006 monthly cup is being completed TWIXT PP

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After 10 years the 2006 monthly cup is being completed
  • technolion at 2016-05-02

    Please have a look at this tournament.

    Somehow I happened to have ended up there. Ist this the “final” tournament of the 2006 monthly cups?

    I wonder if all of these top players are still playing the game…

  • urmaul at 2016-05-02

    It seems like there was a bug that prevented some tournaments from starting, and now, the problem accidentally “solved” itself. See also this similar thread. Maybe there are similar cases with other games. Maybe contacting the webmaster helps?

  • mmKALLL ★ at 2016-05-02

    These tournaments have been going on for multiple games.

  • gamesorry at 2016-05-02

    AFAIK, this is not a bug, but a new feature that is implemented recently without being publicly announced :) Note that the name of the Monthly Cup in the game page is changed to Cup.

  • urmaul at 2016-05-03

    I see, looking at various -monthly- cup pages, I think you're correct that these final stages are a new feature, which will be applied to all years. So will soon be started, when some condition I don't know is satisfied. But I think it's a bug, or at least an annoyance, that these final stages are created for all past years. In my opinion final stages should only be created for years where not all monthly cups were finished at the time of the introduction of this feature.

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