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  • Roel at 2003-08-24

    I was playing a game at LG in which the opponent played at an empty spot creating a link right through another link of his own. I tought this was not possible, even when it concerns an own link. Suddenly I was in a very bad position.

    Can someone tell me whether this is allowed or not?

  • na_wspak at 2003-08-24

    at lg there are different rules than normaly. its paper&pencil version where u cant take off links because it would be hard to implement. thats why u can cross yuor own links.

  • stevens68 at 2003-08-24

    It's allowed in Twixt-PP (paper&pencil version) which is played here at LG. It is not allowed in real Twixt.

    Allowing to cross your own links makes sense as a substitute for the link removal rule in real Twixt.

    link removal allows you to remove as many of your

    own links as you want when it's your turn.

    Each rule was meant to avoid draw situations. There are few

    situations, where unlinking and crossing make a difference, but there are some. David Bush has one here:

  • David J Bush ★ at 2003-08-24

    Welcome to radioactive mutant Twixt. Martin is correct that the rule difference makes little difference in most games. Roel, if you tell me the game number of the game in question, or the opponent's name, or what tournament it was from, I could look at the position and tell you whether it would have made any difference under the actual rules of Twixt or not.

  • Roel at 2003-08-25

    It was game 70637, but I resigned now. I tought it would have been a draw, as I tought my opponent couldn't link his/her two lines and I couldn't do it either.

  • Robin at 2003-08-25

    Instead of S16 white could have played V15.

  • David J Bush ★ at 2003-08-25

    Robin is correct. Here is the position just prior to the crosslinking move. White could have played instead V15** which connects the white groups without any link crossing. That move would have been legal under standard rules. So, assuming your opponent would have seen that move, the difference in the ruleset would have made no difference in the outcome of this game.

    I should add that under LG rules crossed links are not necessarily considered connected; in order to win, you must have a sequence of pegs which begins in one border and ends in the other, each of which is directly linked to the next. For example, the U17 peg is a crucial part of the winning chain for white in this game.

  • Roel at 2003-08-25

    It's a nice game and i am eager to learn, but i don't have yet the time to read some tactical tips. It's just trying and losing.

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