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bot joseki
  • hexanna at 2022-06-26

    A variety of joseki that bots appear to like, but I rarely see humans play (except the first one). First two are more common in 11x11.


    Bot opening motifs on 13x13. Top players will recognize most of these:

    • c2 and b5 for black, 4-4 obtuse corner for white:,c2d10j9j4b5 (half of games by top players seem to start this way :D )
    • If black opens with a7, then b8 is a strong followup (likewise with a9 and b10, etc.):,a7e9b8
    • A good response to a10 (and the weaker a11) is b12. White often follows up later with another move on the left edge, either e4 or d11:,a10b12j9e4
  • Arek Kulczycki at 2022-06-28

    Nice summary!

    Some of the positions above I would say are not joseki, but just a move that happens to be adjacent because of the small board.

    Yeah its a great mistery how to play C2 opening. Recently people learned 4-4 from bots but I'm not fully convinced to it. But c2-b5 to claim both long diagonals also looks far too naive. I personally prefer 5.g7 or another central move, but both won and lost some games that way…

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