Which boardsize is best? Hex, Havannah

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Which boardsize is best?
  • oyamaneko at 2003-12-23

    Hi everyone!
    I’m pretty new to the game of Hex so this question might be a real newbie question but here it comes:
    I want to craft a Hex board for me to play against my friends.
    When I began to plan the problem appeared that I do not know which size of board I should choose.
    Is there a “standard” size which is mostly used all over the world? Is it better to choose an even (10x10?) or an odd (11x11?) number of Hexes? Does even or odd matter at all?

    Please help me!

  • Tim Shih at 2003-12-23 hi, Oyamaneko, for what I am aware of, the difference between an even-sized board and an odd-sized board lies in that there is a CENTER in the latter, and that the latter seems more popular.

    In Go games, there may be more chances for the occurrences of draw games if the board size is even. But in Hex, such a concern does not exist.

    So, if I were to make a board, I would make an odd-sized one, such as 11x11. Good day.
  • jjjklj at 2003-12-23

    it really doesn’t make any difference whether you use an even or odd number of hexes, as long as you play with the swap option, everything will even it self out (i.e. some think the center piece is very important). i have a 10x10 board because that’s what i’ve been playing with online for 5 years, but i’m about to make a 13x13 board, and maybe eventually a 19x19 board.

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