Havannah rexr file has colors wrong Hex, Havannah

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Havannah rexr file has colors wrong
  • nullptr at 2021-09-05

    Hi, just noticed that when I click on the TXT link to look at the game recording, the black and white are swapped;
    (;FF[4]EV[havannah.ch.26.3.2]PB[zastrzyk]PW[nullptr]SZ[10]RU[LG]GC[ game #2263389]SO[https://www.littlegolem.net];W[L8];B[J5];W[K4];B[J4];W[K3];B[J3];W[K2];B[J2])

    first move by zastrzyk(black is at L8, but the first move entry says (incorrectly) that it was played by white.

  • nullptr at 2021-09-05

    => TXT-file

  • Tom Ace ★ at 2021-09-05

    Yeah. Reversed in .txt files for Hex and Havannah (but Go is correct).

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