Can we add hex with 2 stones at a time? "Double Hex" Hex, Havannah

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Can we add hex with 2 stones at a time? "Double Hex"
  • Clark94 at 2020-10-21

    The rules are same as regular hex but in this version you place 2 stones at a time instead of 1. The pie rule is no longer required, instead to create balance the 1-2-2 rule will be used. (Player A places 1 stone, player B places 2 stones, Player A places 2 stones…)

    The strategy is much different than regular hex but that's ok that's where the fun comes in, its like a completely new game. Tactics such as the diamond bridge (2 stones with 2 adjacent empty hexes) are no longer is a unbreakable bond. The ability to play on two sides of the board at once also comes into play. In my opinion double hex works much better on larger boards as opposed to smaller ones.

    Has anyone tried this variant before? If so what are your thoughts? I think that it will be a good and easy addition to add to the site.

  • ypercube at 2020-10-21

    It has been discussed in this forum before. Some players had tried it, (face to face I think).

  • morphles at 2020-10-22

    Yeah I proposed this some time ago too :) It was not all that warmly welcomed :) Though I still think it would be very nice and worthwhile addition, with little additional effort.

  • Clark94 at 2020-10-22

    I mean, its not as if Double Hex will replace Hex. Its just a fun variant that can be played optionally. Its a brand new game.

  • Richard Malaschitz ★ at 2020-10-22

    And size of board ?

  • jsiehler at 2020-10-22

    I would only suggest that, if implemented, it should go under the name “Duplex”

  • ypercube at 2020-10-22

    size=18 ? just for fun. I'm getting bored with odd sized hex boards ;)

  • ypaul21 ★ at 2020-10-22

    I feel that whatever we give to 12* Hex, it should still have “Hex” in it. “Duplex” isn’t recognisable enough as a Hex variant, and a lot of games could potentially be adapted to use the 12* protocol.

  • jsiehler at 2020-10-22

    I suppose so.  It just seemed to align with other Hex-variant names like Nex, Rex, Pex, Projex…

  • ypaul21 ★ at 2020-10-22

    I forgot those existed. I guess Dex might work then haha

  • Clark94 at 2020-10-22

    I agree a large board would be best. 18x18 or 19x19

  • David J Bush ★ at 2020-10-22

    Heh “little additional effort” :-) Thank you Richard for even considering this.

  • junior128 at 2020-10-22

    Smaller boards can be simpler to understand what are new patterns.

    I also wonder - in hex central move (without swap) is definitely the best move, even in large boards?

  • PFW at 2020-10-22


  • Arek Kulczycki at 2020-10-22

    Do we have “double chess” and “double go” implemented already? :P

  • metzgerism at 2020-10-22

    IIRC this is typically called “Master Hex” - at least that's what I read in THIS BOOK. All in favor of it at any size, but believe it will be better on a larger board.

    I'm also interested in this protocol for Y and especially on a pentagonal board (make a Y that connects three sides, one of which is not adjacent).

  • morphles at 2020-10-23

    Any board is great, I guess 13 for starting to understand what the game is about, and for more serious play 19 would be needed, considering that board would be filling up twice as fast (though maybe that matters little and even 13 would be tense and serious as hell, with hard to make predictions for) :)

  • Clark94 at 2020-10-23

    Why not both ;) I've played Master Y (the game of Y but with 2 stones at once) on and it certainly took me a while to understand some of the new strategies.  Maybe a 14x14 board and a 19x19?

  • Carroll ★ at 2020-10-23

    18 is the nearest integer to 13 sqrt(2), for as long a game…

  • morphles at 2020-10-23

    I find even boards somehow weird :) But maybe that is a good reason to have them :)

  • add3993 at 2020-10-23

    I think this could be very interesting, in particular to have connections whose security against threat is a fraction of a move like 0.5 or 1.5

  • Paul Wiselius at 2020-10-24

    @Arek Kulczycki: For a go-like multiple move game check Sygo at Christian's site

  • Clark94 at 2020-10-27

    I'd be willing to test this out with someone at IGGamecenter

  • PFW at 2020-10-27


  • morphles at 2020-10-29

    I'll just say that I'm super anticipating this :) Can add me to first tournament automatically :D

  • metzgerism at 2020-10-30

    One of you will have to ask Richard to implement this because I asked him for the last variant addition (hex7 Catchup).

    Please do it quickly because I want to ask him to implement hex5.5 Blooms right after.

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