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  • magicnonno at 2020-07-29

    Go 1.9 is no longer available. Please refer to for more information.

  • Ed Collins at 2020-07-29

    Yea, I get the same message.  Hopefully it’s just a temporary problem.

  • vieuxsac at 2020-07-31

    Do you know of any alternatives to trmph?

  • Ed Collins at 2020-07-31

    More than eleven years ago. I wrote a little program I called Havannah Helper.   It was just a little tool I created to help me analyze my Havannah games, both here and at the website.

    You find a little more about it, and download it here:

    It’s a 32-bit Windows program and thus requires Windows 95 or later to run.

    HOWEVER, I’m not supporting it anymore.  I’ve probably long since lost the source code anyway.  I don’t recall if it had any known bugs or not, or even exactly all what it did and didn’t do.  I haven’t used it myself in a long, long time.  Maybe it will help someone, maybe not.  I did have fun writing it and testing it and using it for awhile.

  • David J Bush ★ at 2020-07-31

    There are downloadable virtual boards such as JHex. Note that that same link offers Jtwixt. Jtwixt has an “Import” feature that works with the specific .tsgf text syntax of Little Golem games. Unfortunately, although JHex does also have an import text feature (under the Misc menu,) it does not know about the .hsgf syntax of Little Golem. So you would have to heavily edit the .hsgf file to render it acceptable for Import into JHex. If the game did not involve swap, perhaps you could enter the moves manually.

    JHex requires an earlier version of Java. More details about how to use JHex are available on request.

  • Tom Ace ★ at 2020-07-31

    For users of JHex, I offer a web page that converts LG games to .hgt format:

  • Arek Kulczycki at 2020-08-01

    As another solution I can offer my beta website ;)

    You can paste the LG game number and import a game easily. Just click on stones or empty cells to put/remove stones

  • kspttw at 2020-08-01

    Something doesn’t work:

    I also don’t know how to play move. Clicking on the board, or even “click to play” doesn’t work.

  • Tom Ace ★ at 2020-08-01

    Arek Kulczycki:  hex-forest works for me with Chrome but not Firefox (version 68.11.0esr, Linux, x86_64).  With Firefox it doesn’t load from LG nor respond to clicks on cells.

    If there’s anything I can do to help figure out why, please let me know.

  • Arek Kulczycki at 2020-08-01

    @everybody After the page loads, but the board doesn’t respond, please have 30 seconds patience – it’s hosted on a free server and takes time before it “wakes up”.

    @Tom Ace

    It works for me on both Chrome and Firefox. Maybe your error was related to the above? Then it produces error like “An attempt was made to use an object that is not, or is no longer, usable”, but should work after a while.

    If the JS error is another one then please send me a private message :)

  • aionman at 2020-08-01

    I tried Safari and Chrome. When using “import from LG” the board positions are shifted one space up and one space to the left. When hovering over game board with the mouse the space is highlighted but pieces are not placed, even after a lengthy time interval. Really nice tool though. What does the “show hints” checkbox do?

  • Arek Kulczycki at 2020-08-01

    Sorry, I implemented the import functionality this morning and I was arrogant enough to not test it... Also the swap wasnt working

    It’s corrected now! 

    The “show hints” was meant to show winning options when I create branches and store them as “white win” or “black win”, but this is barely drafted so far and doesn’t work in any practically useful way. Like I said, this is totally beta version.

  • Tom Ace ★ at 2020-08-02

    Arek Kulczycki:  I am having success with Firefox now too.  (There was no JS console error when it wasn’t working a couple days ago though.)

  • Arek Kulczycki at 2020-08-04

    For people who miss trmph for 19x19 games, there is hex-forest option as well (with LG import)

  • Force majeure at 2020-08-04

    Thanks Arek! Is there any web-based editable board for havannah?

  • add3993 ★ at 2020-08-25

    HappyHippo has this database of 6k LG games by "strong players"

    in a compact format; it would be a worthy, helpful scripting project to turn it into a compressed folder of JHex-readable files. 

    Also, JHex is not particularly easy on the eyes, under any settings I’ve been able to choose.  The community would really benefit from more options.

  • David J Bush ★ at 2020-08-25

    add3993, could you be more specific about what is not easy on the eyes? In the board menu is adjust colors, where you can customize the color of everything, incluting the hexagon outlines. And you can save your preferences in the Misc menu. The menu organization is awkward, and there are plenty of other issues, but “easy on the eyes” doesn’t seem to be one of them.

  • add3993 ★ at 2020-08-25

    David, sure---everyone is different on this, and I can/do use the software, but with some noticeable strain.  In JHex 0.9a2 (Dec. 2011):

    -no black outlines for the stones, which makes them harder to look at esp. when using white stones (nor do they have the second, inner circle which aids the design on LG),

    -tiny, aliased hex grid lines,

    -board and background are same color,

    -it’s unduly hard to dial in an earth-tone for the board.

    Really though, what I want is some basic level of skeumorphism, i.e., wood and stone textures.   It actually makes prolonged focus easier.  I dislike the flat-design style that has been dominant in recent years. 

    It shouldn’t be so hard; see e.g. Piskvork (for Gomoku) as a simple interface that allows custom skins and is easy enough for anyone to customize.  Or see Sabaki (Go editor) which is quite nice.  These viewers are both modular in that you can plug in an external AI engine and play, which is also civilized and welcome, although the process is more transparent in Piskvork.

  • add3993 ★ at 2020-08-25

    Oh, and on the off-chance someone reading this heroically steps up and writes a new Hex viewer---not only should it accept moves from an external AI engine, it should also display comments from the AI.  In particular it should be able to display estimated winning odds for the current position; but also, any other insights that a bot might wish to provide.

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