Expanding Hex on LittleGolem Hex, Havannah

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Expanding Hex on LittleGolem
  • Bill LeBoeuf ★ at 2003-11-19

    I have several ideas:

    1. David recently has been asking for a 19x19 hex. How about giving us a parity with our sister game of Go and having the options of 9x9 or 13x13 or 19x19 boards.

    2. Each opening hex move has a mirror image to the left or right of the short diagonal. Give each hex player the option of having all hex games presented to him in the orientation of his choice. Its kind of like chess programs which give you the option of viewing the board from either side.

    3. As I have suggested before, if there is a Swap, reverse the players, Not the board.

  • Taral at 2003-11-19

    For private games I think it should be possible to choose any board size between 2 and 26. For tournaments there could be one or two sizes other than 13, for example 9 and 19 as you suggest.

  • jjjklj at 2003-11-19

    i think 9 might be a bit too small, maybe 10 or 11 would be better, 1 stone in hex has a lot more influence over an empty board than 1 stone does in go and i would think that with 9x9, the game would be over after the second move

  • na_wspak at 2003-11-20

    i agree with tray. i played many games on 10x and i dont think 9x and 10x fits to turn based server because if there was game played by 2 experinced players then i belive over 90% would be wins for the second player(with swap option) so it wouldnt be fair.

  • Marius Halsor at 2003-11-20

    I agree that the chance of winning in 10x10 probably is higher for the second player than it is in 13x13. But 90%? I mean, you’re nearly suggesting that we’re actually able to SOLVE the 10x10 game. That is something I doubt, but if it was the case it would be really great!


  • Ed Collins at 2003-11-20

    Add my name to the list of people who would like to see a
    larger hex board. Of course, I would like to see a couple of hex
    VARIANTS too. I would love to play <a
    href=“http://www.gamepuzzles.com/goyh.htm”>"The Game of
    Y" here at Little Golem. <a
    href=“http://home.fuse.net/swmeyers/qhru.htm”>Quadrant Hex
    sounds like it might be fun as does <a
    href=“http://www.edcollins.com/images/hex-v-01.gif”>Square Hex,
    described by Larry Back in the 2001 Spring Issue of Abstract

    Of course, games like <a
    and Quoridor
    would also be welcome!

  • Ed Collins at 2003-11-20

    I would also love to see an option that would allow me to preview a post before I send it!

  • Ed Collins at 2003-11-20

    The Game of Y: http://www.gamepuzzles.com/goyh.htm
    Quadrant Hex: http://home.fuse.net/swmeyers/qhru.htm
    Square Hex Board image: http://www.edcollins.com/images/hex-v-01.gif
    Havannah: http://www.mindsports.net/Arena/Havannah/Rules.html
    Quoridor: http://www.gamereport.com/tgr16/quoridor.html

  • Tasmanian Devil at 2003-11-20

    Or double-move Y. :-)

  • Taral at 2003-11-20

    Regarding the size: Yes, 9x9 would probably not be very interesting for experienced players. But not everybody on Little Golem are experienced. I think 9x9 is a good board size for beginners who want to learn the basics.

    Regarding other games: If more connection games are to be added, I’d prefer some of the other excellent connection games games, like Onyx or Unlur (or Y), rather than just Hex variants.

  • na_wspak at 2003-11-20

    Marius: i meant 90% on turn based server where u can consider each move much longer and/or analyze sequences using jhex or even printed boards when u are in sql/work. that means if the players are experienced mistakes wont be common and, i think, doesnt mean we solved 10x

  • Door1 at 2003-11-20

    I am going to put a plug in for 11x11. The thing I like about the smaller board is that the game is shorter and each move is critical. When I play 10x at Kurnik I feel like we are to bulls facing off in a battle to the death. The longer games don’t give me that same invigorating feeling. I supose it is kind of a big rush or a flow of adrenalin :)

  • Bill LeBoeuf ★ at 2003-11-20

    Are you implying that our moves here are not critical?

    Actually Garry Kasparov commented on this in his latest game of chess with X3D-Fritz. He said when you make a minor miscalculation against a human opponent, you can count on your opponent to return the favor, but that with X3D-Fritz you can count on Fritz Not to return the favor.

  • Door1 at 2003-11-30


    No that is not what I meant but more that the reality of a bad move is evident quicker in the smaller boards. Every move is critical in any size board :)

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