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new online hex-server
  • na_wspak at 2003-11-04

    i just discovered new online-games server powered by kurnik containing the same games as u can see at kurnik. although it doesnt seem to be as crowdy as kurnik it can be a substitution while kurnik is down.

  • dj at 2003-11-04

    There seems to be no one there, and no way to show it in english.

  • na_wspak at 2003-11-05

    yes indeed sorry for unimportant message.

  • na_wspak at 2003-11-05

    ... and unnecessery in fact. "forget about it"

  • Alan Turing at 2003-11-11

    you’re forgiven :) in fact, i appreciate the fact that you mentioned it. any hex site is worthy of a closer look, and if it requires learning polish, so be it. :)

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