Anybody home? Hex, Havannah

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Anybody home?
  • dj at 2003-06-15

    4 days since the last post here?, no wonder my games are going so slow.

    We are all probably analyzing our games to death.

  • Marius Halsor ★ at 2003-06-15

    I'm right here! :-) I just haven't had anything sensible to say recently. As for my games - well, I'm not able to play them all simultaniously, I've got too many tough ones with 14 players in first league. Thus, some are on “hold” while I play others.

  • Falsifian at 2003-06-17

    Hello! I've been playing here for almost a month, and I just noticed that there is more than one forum. I guess I'll be posting here, because I like hex :-)

  • ypercube at 2003-06-18

    Welcome to the hex-addicts forum

  • Falsifian at 2003-06-21

    Thank you :-)

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