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bug in polyomino hexa
  • Thomas at 2013-04-15

    In game 1531202 I tried to play 17.qoqpqqqrqspr, but it is not possible.
    Also the move 17.qoqpqqqrpror is not accepted.

  • MarleysGhost ★ at 2013-04-15

    When I look at game 1531202 I see no inventory of orange pieces above the board at all. Strange. Blue has a normal inventory of pieces below the board.

  • Thomas at 2013-04-15

    And I see only my own (orange) pieces below the board. But this is not necessarily a bug, display of the not placed pieces is redundant. Maybe it is deliberate to save space.

  • Thomas at 2013-04-23

    The bug is still not fixed.
    I want to play: gid=1531202&move=krjr
    but it does not work, though I haven't placed the duomino yet. But it is also not displayed among my unplaced pieces.

  • David Milne at 2013-04-23

    If all else fails, read the manual.
    The rules for hexa polyomino state that there is only on swag of pieces and that it is common to both players. Once a player has played a shape, it is no longer available for either player. It makes sense, since there are an awful lot of hexominos.

  • Thomas at 2013-04-23

    Now I got it. The rules say: “Game is played only with one set of tiles”. I thought when reading this first, every player has one set, contrary to the “small” variant, where the players have two sets of mono- to tetrominoes each, but seemingly it means that both players take the tiles from the same pool.

    No bug. Sorry Richard.

  • MarleysGhost ★ at 2013-04-23

    There is a bug somewhere. The rules say “Hexa. Game on board 20x20.” but the actual game is 19x19.

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