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Solving mini
  • pokes ★ at 2022-09-17

    I've written a program that can play mini optimally by brute forcing the whole game tree. If anyone is interested I could set up a bot account that would play games if invited. And any human-parseable insights that I get out of it I would share. All I know so far is 2+O is a draw.

  • pokes ★ at 2022-09-18

    I should clarify that I have not and would not use it myself during games. I would only use it in games that a separate bot account is playing.

  • Andrey at 2022-09-19

    Personally I am welcomed such researches/bots.

    Same research is interesting about Polyomino Penta. How you can estemate computational complexity of Penta variant?

  • pokes ★ at 2022-09-19

    From random sampling of the game tree, I estimate the total number of mini games, after picking an opening pair, at 1012 and the number of penta games between 1047 and 10^55. Penta would need something more clever than myself armed with a computer crunching through the tree all the way to the end.

  • pokes ★ at 2022-09-19

    That's meant to be “1012 and the number of penta games between 1047 and 1055

  • pokes ★ at 2022-09-19

    I've set up this account now, pokes_c, challenge it to a game!

    From the one game I've played, I've learned this position after 2. Z4 is already lost for blue.

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