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Fallen king
  • Florian Jamain at 2018-04-28

    Three years.

    Since the end of april in 2015 I did not lose a single polyomino game. But today, a great player make me fall.

    I knew that the gap between Brujho and I was very very close and I gave my best in this game. Very early in the game I had the feeling that I was behind.

    The game is really good. As we said in our discussion, 6.V5 is probably losing, I had to play between his pieces. Well, I still tried to come back and when I played 18.P I tought that maybe he can make a little mistake, i needed no more than a little mistake. But… this is the moment when he played 2 brillant moves in a row, it was over, my crown left me.

    Congrats my friend!

  • brujho at 2018-04-29

    Thank you; always happy to beat someone who is unbeatable.

    I hope our life&work schedule will not stay in the way to enjoy several more games. Best luck!

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