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First moves
  • hyperpape at 2014-12-24

    I find myself absolutely paralyzed by the first move.

    Which moves seem good to you?

  • Florian Jamain at 2014-12-24

    Actually I'm testing this game, quite interesting.

    For the first move, you should give to orange a 5 blocks piece with a lot of corners, at least 6, more likely 7-8.And something with 4-5 corners to blue.

  • z at 2015-01-06

    I think a 1-2 (1 for blue and 2 for orange) opening looks balanced too, although with the smallest pieces taken out from the beginning, games are prone to degenerate into boring bin-packing problems. These days I tend to start with larger pieces to create a more combatant game dynamic.

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