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Small hacking bug in Polyomino
  • beppi at 2013-08-19

    Append this to any starting game of Polyomino


    Or any other combination that creates CORRECT shapes, but in the wrong position.

    I didn't try to make the move, but the “send move” button is present. Probably a check is missing.

  • z at 2013-08-19

    Maybe it is checked when you submit the move.

  • beppi at 2013-08-20

    Carroll asked me to test it and that's the result.
    Unfortunately it seems working.
    Obviously it's completely useless as soon as if I propose a hacked board to Carroll he still can decide if to accept or swap, so the balance of the game is preserved.

  • Carroll ★ at 2013-08-20

    …and it works for any move!! I just added &move=bcccdcdd and got a small L :)
    I could have swapped too.

  • Carroll ★ at 2013-08-20

    Polyomino Easter egg: if you add & move=ac\|dc, you get a Tetris game where pieces start falling, but I could not find the keys to turn pieces, I am on Chrome!!! Anyone?

  • Carroll ★ at 2013-08-20

    Beware Richard I think Tetris is still copyrighted, so we can't call it this way.

  • beppi at 2013-08-20

    No really, Carroll?

  • beppi at 2013-08-20

    Joker :D

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