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Reversi/Othello at a tournament in England?
  • alain at 2007-06-17

    Just letting you know that the Mind Sports Olympiad ( is an annual, high quality, games tournament which this year (Aug 18th to Aug 27th) will be featuring Othello.

    Its the highlight of my year, and I hope some people from LG will support the event.

    Its a long way to go if you’re not from England, though. How many would travel to another country to play? Take time off work?

    Hope to see you there!

  • Robin at 2007-06-18

    Many Othello players in Europe travel to other countries to play tournaments. However, the MSO is not a very popular event among Othello players. Players who aren’t from England would much rather participate in the Cambridge International Open (an annual event in February).

  • alain at 2007-07-10

    The preference for the tournament in Cambridge is noted. The MSO is a wonderful concept, though the organisation in the past has not been very good. Hopefully things will improve with time and Othello players will return. Its certainly rare to have a good level tournament where you can play so many different games against good players in a concentrated time.

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