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multiple moves
  • michael at 2003-04-21

    it is possible in reversi that u play consecutive times in a row i.e if your opponent doesn't have a valid move to play, u get an extra move, until the opponent has a valid move again…Now i don't know how this works on this site, in my game i got a situation like that, it doesn't seem to automatically pass, cause it says opponent's turn, but no valid move, i guess she/he gets a pass option?

  • klaashaas at 2003-04-21

    Yes, your opponent gets a pass-option. Though, it isn't an option… Your opponent can't do anything else but to pass.

  • Robin at 2003-05-12

    That is not correct. There is also a resign-option.

  • klaashaas at 2003-05-12

    I didn't consider resign as an othello-option, but as a littlegolem option. With solely pass, you have an option too… Press it now, or press it two seconds later. Or go visit another site and not move at all. That's always an option. Seems like you got plenty of options every move. Nah.. those aren't real othello options, are they?

    I think you know what I meant. You're just still angry about your move 57 in our game last sunday in Rotterdam :-p

  • michael at 2003-05-12

    ah, jullie komen uit nederland ;)

  • Robin at 2003-05-13

    You're just still angry about your move 57 in our game last sunday in Rotterdam :-p

    I bet you're still frustrated about your moves 44, 46, 48 and 50 :o

  • Roel at 2003-07-18

    I am playing a game in which my opponenthad to pass at 4 consecutive moves. I know i can wipe him/her within 10 moves without giving him/her any moves but passes. I can't finish the game quickly though the end is quite clear, as i have to wait for every move. Therefore it might be easier to automatically pass. Now, as I feel sorry for him/her not able to do any moves, I just feel forced to try to wipe while feeding him/her available moves instead of passes.

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