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15th Dutch open
  • klaashaas at 2003-04-07

    Congratulations to Alko for his good performance at the 15th Dutch Othello!

    Several other active LittleGolem players (to name a few: Jan C. de Graaf, Robin, Nicky, Arnoud Meijer and ofcourse Kierownik) faced eachother yesterday at the 15th Dutch Open Othello organised by the Dutch Othello Federation (NOV).

    For anyone who is interested in the results: check out http://www.othello.nl/content/toernooien/doo15/doo15.html

  • kierownik at 2003-04-07

    yes congratulations to alko he played a good tournament. It was a good tournament with only one downside. I wanted another WOC point so that i would have more then last year :-(. but i did not make it. Maby next tournament :-)

  • agoui (limited edition) at 2003-04-08

    Congratulations from too to everybody who took part and especially to Alko, Mathijs, Nicky and Arnoud Meijer for the WOC points that they won.

    If I can make a complain it is that the results seem to take more time to be posted on the othello.nl site than last year :)

  • Jan C. de Graaf at 2003-04-09

    Correct. I'll try the publish the detailed round-by-round results as soon as possible. Also quite a few photo's will be put online.

  • alkosan at 2003-05-08

    thanks klaashaas :)

  • Robin at 2003-05-12

    The 16th Dutch open has been played last sunday.

    For results click here.

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