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The BIG Challenge!
  • beppi at 2004-06-15

    Here are the subscribed players, if Tasmanian Devil accepts.
    Any other player to enter the REST OF THE WORLD team?
    If I don’t receive any message the first pairings will be out at the end of the week.

    No |Name |Feder|Rtg |Loc

    1. |, |ITA |1972|
    2. |Arnoud Meijer, |NED |1791|
    3. |Robin, |NED |1941|
    4. |klaashaas, |NED |1873|
    5. |Nicky, |NED |1862|
    6. |erwin vd berg, | |1932|
    7. |Anja, |NED |1776|
    8. |Roel, |NED |1896|
    9. |movieloverxxl, |WORL |1871|
    10.|Dom, |ITA |2034|
    11.|Claudio Signorini, |ITA |1875|
    12.|Roberto Sperandio, |ITA | |
    13.|alkosan, |NED |2020|
    14.|dodo_italy, |ITA | |
    15.|Gianluca Severino, |ITA |1694|
    16.|Jancgp, |NED | |
    17.|ercolatena, |ITA |1840|
    18.|Smaughster, |NED |1851|
    19.|Fabio S., |ITA |1666|
    20.|Michele Borassi, |ITA | |
    21.|Tasmanian Devil, |WORL |1875|
    22.|Bas, |NED |1805|
    23.|Andy Aspden, |WORL |1852|

  • Tasmanian Devil at 2004-06-15

    I don’t know how many times I have to say this but I have not signed up and I don’t wish to play.

  • ypercube ★ at 2004-06-15

    Count me in instead! I hope I play with the Greek team but if that’s not possible, then the World is fine!

  • movieloverxxl at 2004-06-15

    you have forgotten Jdewael :-)

  • beppi at 2004-06-22

    FINALLY the first (1/5) turn!
    Please contact your opponent and tell me if you are not able to find him.

    No|Name | Result | Minor |Name

    1|Dom, | : |(0.0-0.0)|Bas,
    2|ercolatena, | : |(0.0-0.0)|jeroen de wael,
    3|alkosan, | : |(0.0-0.0)|Gianluca Severino,
    4|Arnoud Meijer, | : |(0.0-0.0)|,
    5|erwin vd berg, | : |(0.0-0.0)|Anja,
    6|Fabio S., | : |(0.0-0.0)|Roel,
    7|Claudio Signorini, | : |(0.0-0.0)|ypercube,
    8|ria, | : |(0.0-0.0)|klaashaas,
    9|movieloverxxl, | : |(0.0-0.0)|dodo_italy,
    10|Michele Borassi, | : |(0.0-0.0)|Nicky,
    11|Andy Aspden, | : |(0.0-0.0)|Jancgp,
    12|Roberto Sperandio, | : |(0.0-0.0)|Smaughster,
    13|Therion, | 1:0 |(0.0-0.0)|BYE

  • klaashaas at 2004-06-22

    First player invites with black?

  • erwin vd berg at 2004-06-22

    8x8, 10x10?

  • klaashaas at 2004-06-23

    Is there someone who, when this challenge gets started, want to sacrife his/her profile and put an html-table with all the games (+links) and results there? I could sacrifise mine, but I think a less crowded profile is better (I won’t get rid of the Mastership in my profile).

  • agoui (limited edition) at 2004-06-23

    and I think a lot of us want to see if Roberto Sperandio is indeed going to play here. And may be someone should tell him that he is already loosing vacation from his 2 on going days.

  • beppi at 2004-06-23

    Some answers! 8-)

    First of all sorry for not posting clear rules. Of course, first player is black, and should invite the white player. Let’s say that after a reasonable time (one week?) the first player wins by forfait 32-31.
    From the previous messages it seemed clear to me that we were talking about 8x8, as soon as few players were really preferring 10x10 and, btw, it’s too slow.
    klaashaas: I cannot understand your question about profile. Is it possible to post html texts?
    I’ll contact Roberto and Donato that gave their ok, so they should be soon here to play.


  • klaashaas at 2004-06-23

    At table 5, two dutch players are playing. Is that correct?

    <table border=1>
    I thinkit’s possible to use html tables and links to players and games.

    The advatage of storing it in a profile, is that it can easily be updated. Of course you could also post tables and results in the forum, but you can’t edit those. I’m keeping score of the mastership in my profile too. That’s kinda what I mean.

  • Tasmanian Devil at 2004-06-23

    And I have the tables for the Hex national matches in mine...

  • Fabio S. at 2004-06-24

    Roel and I here:
    we are already playing.

  • klaashaas at 2004-06-24

    Is there really no one with an empty profile who wants to keep administration of the games? Come on, guys and girls!

  • dodo_italy at 2004-06-24

    dodo_italy vs. movieloverxxl --->

  • jeroen de wael at 2004-06-24

    i have an empty one...

    just tell me how to introduce the html crap?

    test i think this will not work but still i’ll try for once :)

  • jeroen de wael at 2004-06-24

    not like that :s
    < table> etc...

  • klaashaas at 2004-06-24

    Please test with html in your profile in stead of here. Misformed html can make the whole topic unreadable:) I’ll send you the html code in a message.

  • jeroen de wael at 2004-06-24

    ok it’s in my profile

    i did the same inhere as in my profile, but still ... ;)

  • klaashaas at 2004-06-25

    Thanks Jeroen, this looks excellent!

    I’m waiting for my invite... Forza Hollanda! :-p

  • dodo_italy at 2004-06-25

    Michele (not Marco) Borassi and Roberto Sperandio are on vacation. They will be back in a few days.


  • Claudio Signorini at 2004-06-25

    My opponent, ypercube, hasn’t responded yet... sigh!

  • Claudio Signorini at 2004-06-25

    Sorry... now we are playing.

  • ypercube ★ at 2004-06-25

    I did Claudio and good luck

  • Anja at 2004-06-25

    Erwin, i am waiting for your invite :)

  • Anja at 2004-06-25

    Uhm Beppi, if i am to play Erwin, then is it not so that we have for the Dutch team an extra loss-game ? i am a bit confused.....:S

  • detasio at 2004-06-25

    hello i am ruben from it very late to sign me up to the big challenge?? i look only a few timer per month this forum. if it is possible otherwise i´ll try the next one.

  • ypercube ★ at 2004-06-25

    I think Detasio could play. If erwin and Anja are both from Netherlands, then Detasio can be assigned with one of them and the other with Therion who has a BYE. If not, Detasio can be assigned to Therion.

  • klaashaas at 2004-06-25

    I hope the flaw in the pairing gets solved (yper gave a nice solution). Ria and I have started our game:

  • erwin vd berg at 2004-06-26

    sorry for my late reaction but i can´t invite anja because she is from holland and me too! and i can´t find anywhere that is have sign up for belgium...but doesn´t matter, i hope for a new solution!

    regards, erwin.

  • ypercube ★ at 2004-06-26

    Sorry, erwin. My mistake. I read a quote from another player that you posted. I suppose will reallocate you and Anja with other players.

  • Dom at 2004-06-27

    the match between me and Bas is available here

  • Nicky at 2004-06-28

    This is the match between me and Borassi

  • erwin vd berg at 2004-06-28

    i want to start playing???

  • erwin vd berg at 2004-06-29

    i’m waithing for a foreign opponent... :-)

  • detasio at 2004-06-29

    i could be this foreign player ty.;)

  • ypercube ★ at 2004-06-29

    I guess we are waiting for []. Is he absent and not playing?

  • detasio at 2004-06-29

    i have a game with him he did two moves since i post that topic but he probably dindnt see the forum.

  • beppi at 2004-06-30

    Hello all.
    I’m sorry for being absent, I’m pretty busy in these days... and forever actually, but I know that the tournament will go on well even without a very present master.

    With Anja there has been a small error by me, that is fixed. But as I see you prefer not to play the game, so I rearranged the first turn, now these are the two games:

    erwin vd berg (NED) - Detasio (Rubén) (WORLD)
    Therion (GRE) - Anja (NED)


  • erwin vd berg at 2004-06-30

    our game is viewable at

  • Roberto Sperandio at 2004-07-01

    Hi all... Now I’m ready to start the challenge (my vacation is finished :( ), i invited this morning Smaughster ...

  • ypercube ★ at 2004-07-01

    I have added the table for round 1 in my profile, too. Just click on ypercube!
    Two games have not started yet.

  • Claudio Signorini at 2004-07-09

    first game finished:
    Claudio Signorini – ypercube : 43 – 21

  • beppi at 2004-07-09

    Bravo Claudio!!
    My game is also finished:
    Arnoud Meijer 15 – 49

  • erwin vd berg at 2004-07-13

    Our game is fineshed, good work Ruben! strong played!

    Erwin vd Berg 41 – 23 Detasio (Ruben)

  • erwin vd berg at 2004-07-13

    ps. How can i make a link clickable?

  • Tasmanian Devil at 2004-07-13

    Type <a href=“ADDRESS”>LINK NAME (or address)</a>

  • ypercube ★ at 2004-07-13

    Well done, erwin!
    Everyone can also do the same when sending messages (in games or private ones) or at his profile. That’s how jeroen and I have the table of round 1 of the Big Challenge in our profiles and various other players have other tables or photos, tec. Check klaashas or Tasmanian devil’s profiles.

  • detasio at 2004-07-13

    good game erwin i sucky the end it wasnt that i want to do, but well played too. sorry world team i cant give the first win to us.:P

  • erwin vd berg at 2004-07-13

    yes ruben, i was really suprised by your endgame moves. I had already lost hope.

    I told klaashaas, past sunday on a dutch othello open, that you where playing very strong and that i losst all hope.

  • beppi at 2004-07-13

    I’m happy to see that there are lots of great players in this tournament! 8-)

  • klaashaas at 2004-07-14

    ria-klaashaas 0-64 (timeout).

  • movieloverxxl at 2004-07-14

    movieloverxxl vs dodo_italy: 19-45

  • beppi at 2004-07-15

    Is ria going to play the rest of the games? 8-(

  • Bas at 2004-07-15

    Game finished Dom-Bas 24-40

  • Dom at 2004-07-16

    this is the link to the match: =) i made two big mistakes in centre of game, next turn i’ll play more concentrate =)

  • detasio at 2004-07-16

    Hello all

    if u pick my profile u could see that 2, 3 october it will celebrate the third spanish championship of othello in madrid. if someone is interesated or u know someone who has intention to travel to spain to play and enjoy with us this event , plz send me a email with his email count nad i can explain him/ her a little about this tournament. thnxs
    ruben detasio
    p.d. btw i didnt know bas but he is really a strong player grats bas.

  • Bas at 2004-07-16

    tnx, i don’t play here very long so i’m pretty new for most players.

    But ask the dutch...they will know me good :)

  • klaashaas at 2004-07-16

    Bas? Hmm... Is he that guy with the limburg accent that we can’t understand? :-p

  • Anja at 2004-07-16

    Therion-Anja 0-64

  • jeroen de wael at 2004-07-17

    hi i’m here to inform you all that i’ll be away for 2 weeks.

    I’ll return in August, well... some of you i’ll meet at the EGP, totally ‘death’ i suppose, from an exhausting 2 weeks :s

    Please have pittie with me the ones who come :p

  • erwin vd berg at 2004-07-17

    tonight i will fly to kreta voor 8 day’s and when i come back in walk in my other 5 day’s vacation in holland. So the end of juli i’m back online!!

  • klaashaas at 2004-07-17

    Have a great time you two! See you in a few weeks.

  • Bas at 2004-07-17

    haha Klaashaas...very funny :)

  • ypercube ★ at 2004-07-17

    Happy holidays to all!

    Does anybody know when Samaughster will return from holidays and start his game? I suppose the next round will not start soon.

  • klaashaas at 2004-07-17

    I believe the smaugh will be back next weekend (the 25th).

  • Nicky at 2004-07-20

    Michele Borassi – Nicky 16-48

  • ypercube ★ at 2004-07-21

    Last game of this round started yesterday ( 20-7-2004 ) between Robert Sperandio and Smaughster. It’s game 204490.

  • beppi at 2004-07-21

    A pity for Michele Borassi. But he’s very young, you’ll hear again his name in the future in big o-t-b tournaments...!

  • beppi at 2004-07-21

    Question about forfaits and resigns:

    resigns should be obviously awarded 64-0 for the winner, but what about forfaits? First I thought to give a 32-31 to the winner, but actually this would bring those that are losing to wait to lose their match by time. Indeed, forfaits have been given 64-0. Does anyone agree with this thought? 8-)

    Thank you and happy holidays for those lucky players that are on vacation!!


  • ypercube ★ at 2004-07-22 I agree with the 64-0 in either case (resignation or lost from time). It’s a pity that the other two members of the Greek team did not manage to finish their game.
    But will it count? I mean, will it have any effect in the end by how much one has lost?
  • klaashaas at 2004-07-22

    Yes, 64-0 on both is best, IMO.

    It probably won’t matter, but I hope everyone will play out their games.

    How old is Michele? :)

  • beppi at 2004-07-22

    At the end of the tournament, the first tie-break will be Bucholz, and then the minor scores. In a tournament with this number of players Bucholz will be enough to decide most of the players positions.


  • ypercube ★ at 2004-07-25

    The World team has a flag now! Check here.

  • beppi at 2004-07-26

    Your page is great!

  • klaashaas at 2004-07-26

    Yes, yper, thanks alot for hosting the tables/results in such a great way!

  • erwin vd berg at 2004-08-06

    the dutchies are doing well :-)

  • erwin vd berg at 2004-08-09

    everbody a sleep?? ZZzzz.....

  • alkosan at 2004-08-25

    me got lucky in the endgame. won my game 34-30

  • Roberto Sperandio at 2004-08-31

    My game is sperandio-smaughster 2-0 38:26

  • yoda at 2004-09-05

    Hi, is it to late to sign up for the Big Challenge?

  • ypercube ★ at 2004-09-16 Round 1 has finished, unfortunately with a time out by jeroen de wael.
    Two things should be addressed before making the pairings of the 2nd round, in my opinion.
    1st: Will all players continue?
    2nd: Are we to allow yoda to start playing now ?
  • movieloverxxl at 2004-09-16

    I continue

  • Roberto Sperandio at 2004-09-16

    I continue it too

  • klaashaas at 2004-09-16

    I will continue too. I don’t mind yoda joining (a bye in the first round?).

  • erwin vd berg at 2004-09-17

    yes i will continue :)

  • Claudio Signorini at 2004-09-18

    I will continue... just married! :-)

  • beppi at 2004-09-18

    I paste the rsults directly from SP. I hope that they are visibile in this text format.
    I agree with the question. Is there anyone that would like to stop here? I’ll put the next pairings in the next week end, if everyone agrees, so that we can wait for some forfait. I think that who played with very unfrequent players in the 1st turn should contact them to see if they are ready for the 2nd round.

    No|Name |Feder| Result | Minor |Name |Feder

    1|Dom, |ITA | 0:1 |(24.0-40.0)|Bas, |NED
    2|ercolatena, |ITA | 1:0 |(64.0-0.0) |jeroen de wael, |WORL
    3|alkosan, |NED | 1:0 |(34.0-30.0)|Gianluca Severino, |ITA
    4|Arnoud Meijer, |NED | 0:1 |(15.0-49.0)|, |ITA
    5|erwin vd berg, |NED | 1:0 |(41.0-23.0)|Detasio (Rubén), |WORL
    6|Fabio S., |ITA | 0:1 |(27.0-37.0)|Roel, |NED
    7|Claudio Signorini, |ITA | 1:0 |(43.0-21.0)|ypercube, |GRE
    8|ria, |GRE | 0:1 | (0.0-64.0)|klaashaas, |NED
    9|movieloverxxl, |WORL | 0:1 |(19.0-45.0)|dodo_italy, |ITA
    10|Michele Borassi, |ITA | 0:1 |(16.0-48.0)|Nicky, |NED
    11|Andy Aspden, |WORL | 0:1 | (9.0-55.0)|Jancgp, |NED
    12|Roberto Sperandio, |ITA | 1:0 |(38.0-26.0)|Smaughster, |NED
    13|Therion, |GRE | 0:1 | (0.0-64.0)|Anja, |NED

  • beppi at 2004-09-18

    Standings -

    Place|Name |Feder|Rtg |Score|Buch.| Minor

    1-13 |ercolatena, |ITA |1840|1 | 0.0|64.0-0.0
    |Anja, |NED |1798|1 | 0.0|64.0-0.0
    |klaashaas, |NED |1873|1 | 0.0|64.0-0.0
    |Jancgp, |NED | |1 | 0.0|55.0-9.0
    |, |ITA |1972|1 | 0.0|49.0-15.0
    |Nicky, |NED |1862|1 | 0.0|48.0-16.0
    |dodo_italy, |ITA | |1 | 0.0|45.0-19.0
    |Claudio Signorini, |ITA |1875|1 | 0.0|43.0-21.0
    |erwin vd berg, |NED |1932|1 | 0.0|41.0-23.0
    |Bas, |NED |1805|1 | 0.0|40.0-24.0
    |Roberto Sperandio, |ITA | |1 | 0.0|38.0-26.0
    |Roel, |NED |1896|1 | 0.0|37.0-27.0
    |alkosan, |NED |2020|1 | 0.0|34.0-30.0
    14-26|Gianluca Severino, |ITA |1694|0 | 1.0|30.0-34.0
    |Fabio S., |ITA |1666|0 | 1.0|27.0-37.0
    |Smaughster, |NED |1851|0 | 1.0|26.0-38.0
    |Dom, |ITA |2034|0 | 1.0|24.0-40.0
    |Detasio (Rubén), |WORL |1936|0 | 1.0|23.0-41.0
    |ypercube, |GRE |1571|0 | 1.0|21.0-43.0
    |movieloverxxl, |WORL |1871|0 | 1.0|19.0-45.0
    |Michele Borassi, |ITA | |0 | 1.0|16.0-48.0
    |Arnoud Meijer, |NED |1791|0 | 1.0|15.0-49.0
    |Andy Aspden, |WORL |1852|0 | 1.0| 9.0-55.0
    |ria, |GRE |1508|0 | 1.0| 0.0-64.0
    |Therion, |GRE | |0 | 1.0| 0.0-64.0
    |jeroen de wael, |WORL |2030|0 | 1.0| 0.0-64.0

  • beppi at 2004-09-18

    Current TEAM standings (best 3 players):

    Wins Diff
    NED 3 +174
    ITA 3 +124
    WORLD 0 -128
    GRE 0 -150

  • erwin vd berg at 2004-09-19


  • ypercube ★ at 2004-09-20

    The Greeks are all playing. (how worse can it get, anyway ?)

    My worry was if players like ria or jeroen (who timed out) will continue. It will be pity to start new round and some games not start.

  • Fabio S. at 2004-09-20

    I’ll continue playing in next round.

  • Dom at 2004-09-22

    i’m ready for 2nd round ;)

  • Roel at 2004-09-22

    me too

  • jeroen de wael at 2004-09-30

    i’ll try to participate too
    normally i should have more ‘free time’ now

  • Arnoud Meijer at 2004-09-30

    I’m in too :)

  • detasio at 2004-09-30

    me too

  • ypercube ★ at 2004-10-01

    Great! Can we have the pairings now ?

  • ypercube ★ at 2004-10-04

    Since yoda also wants join the tournament at this 2nd round, my opinion is that we should allow him, like if he passed bye in the 1st round, but with 0 points. If of course he gets a bye at any next round (including 2nd), he should get the 1 bye point. Of course if noone has a different opinion.
    Yoda is with the World team.

  • beppi at 2004-10-06

    I think that there are no problems including a new player.
    I think also that, having received a lot of confirmations, we could go on normally with the tournament. In case of missing player, he will be removed.

    If this is ok for you, here is the next round.
    Ypercube, the master “in pectore” can confirm this idea 8-)

    1 dodo_italy, ITA : (0.0-0.0) alkosan, NED
    2, ITA : (0.0-0.0) erwin vd berg, NED
    3 Roel, NED : (0.0-0.0) ercolatena, ITA
    4 klaashaas, NED : (0.0-0.0) Claudio Signorini, ITA
    5 Anja, NED : (0.0-0.0) Roberto Sperandio, ITA
    6 Nicky, NED : (0.0-0.0) Dom, ITA
    7 Jancgp, NED : (0.0-0.0) movieloverxxl, WORL
    8 Bas, NED : (0.0-0.0) Andy Aspden, WORL
    9 jeroen de wael, WORL : (0.0-0.0) Fabio S., ITA
    10 Smaughster, NED : (0.0-0.0) ria, GRE
    11 ypercube, GRE : (0.0-0.0) Arnoud Meijer, NED
    12 Detasio (Rubén), WORL : (0.0-0.0) Michele Borassi, ITA
    13 Gianluca Severino, ITA : (0.0-0.0) yoda, WORL
    14 Therion, GRE 1:0 (0.0-0.0) BYE

    The games are getting tougher now...!!!! 8-)


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