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  • movieloverxxl at 2004-05-28

    Wouldn’t it be nice if every player who has an FF0 (european rate) places it in his/her users profile?
    So it’s easy to get a reference who you are playing to!

    Not difficult to get it updates because we’re waiting again 2 EGP’s and (for me important) the Dutch tournament in Nijmegen/Goesbeek... (One month since the last update)

    I’m looking forward to it :-)

  • leon kamphuis at 2004-05-30

    I agree with it.. it really would be nice cuzz someone told me I was cheating and then someone can see what’s the FFO..
    bad thing about it is that it’s not updated so often, still waiting on the update from nijmegen/groesbeek :)

    but ok I’ll put it in my profile

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