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level 10 tournament!
  • movieloverxxl at 2004-05-21

    Could this be the first time it is possible to have a level 10 tournament? We have 4 players with a rate of 2000+!!


  • movieloverxxl at 2004-07-22

    another try: if beppi or alkosan would register in RT, we could have a level 10 tournament! Entertain us... I think it would a very pretigious win!s

  • agoui (limited edition) at 2004-07-23

    I don’t think anyone would be interested to play with Karla (btw she is not playing any othello games so she may have quitted “playing”).

    I would also like to comment on my rating since, in my opinion, it is way above it should be. It is mainly due to the points I gathered when many of the current strong players were not here (when I joined there were only two strong players here). In the past few months, work and admittedly my youngest daughter have got the better of me and I have almost retired (or semi-retired) from all the games I play. Thus my othello rating was maintained. And looking at some of the players that are playing here now I find it embarrassing that I am rated above them.

    After playing othello many times with a “certain” dutch player, who is also known as “northerner”, “fatman”, “ugly face” etc etc, I think my standard is a little below his. He is currently rated around 1950 but as he is far more active than me and sometimes drops below 1900. That is where I would propably consider is my “fair” rating (whatever fair rating means).

  • beppi at 2004-07-23

    I had to sign on, I couldn’t resist 8-)

    agoui: it’s not true, level on Little Golem is not that high, there are good players but I think that unfortunately some real champion is missing. There are very strong players but not enough, IMHO.
    I am fifth now, fourth excluding Karla Evans... but I’m far from that position in real life. One explanation is the lack of champions, one other is that you, me and others play better on longer thinking times than younger players: ten years ago I was used to play 30seconds matches, now I take 30 seconds only to understand at what game I am playing!!! 8-)

    Are we going to see in some live tournament sometimes?


  • Bas at 2004-07-23

    maybe there aren’t any champions playing at the moment, but i think there are some players here who have a good chance of becoming really really good and maybe making a good chance of getting woc champoin in the future :)

  • beppi at 2004-07-23

    I hope so, many champions came from online gaming nowadays, Ben Seeley the best one, but also Tim Krzywonos, Andreas Höhne, Matthias Berg, just to say some of them. And don’t forget Jan Kristian Haugland, our Tasmanian Davil, who reached the 4th position at the WOC!
    Anyway, I still believe that turn-playing doesn’t create the kind of players needed to win a WOC, while online playing does.


  • movieloverxxl at 2004-07-24

    I won’t the new world greatest player :p I not smart enough for the game ;) My progress ain’t big enough... So don’t watch me the upcoming years ;)

  • agoui (limited edition) at 2004-07-24

    I never claimed that the standard now is not good. When I joined LG it was (only 3 players really knew the game). Then we had an “invation” of Dutch players mainly thnx to the efforts of Klaashaas and Alko. Now there are strong players from other countries too (I am trying to avoid using names). And it would be nice if we could get some US players playing here (D. Rockwell may be playing – but I am not sure if he is the real one). However we should admit that the turn base games could be boring for some.

    I agree with your comments about time spend on moves. I know that I spend a lot of time on my moves. Another reason is that this form of play is the most serious for me. For others this is a more relax game since they have the otb tournaments for serious play.

    I agree with Bas about the new players that we have the previlage to see at LG. There are at least 2-3 players that can have a really good chance to go to the top. They are young and need time.

    As for me playing in otb tournaments, I very much doubt it. Unfortunately I learned Othello too late. Can you imagine someone with 4 kids going to his wife saying: “Dear, I will leave you alone with 4 kids for 3-4 days and spend about 1/2 of the year tuition for a kid in a private school to play a game named othello!!”. To put it mildly, her reply won’t be that polite :) But I am confident that a player from Cyprus will be playing in otb tournaments in the future. He needs a lot of time though as he is 7 years old now :) And may be then I could have an excuse to play otb too.

  • beppi at 2004-07-26

    I really hope that new and old world-level players come here, because this site deserves it and because is always a thrill challenge to meet such players!
    About your kid, maybe he could be the first of these players!! Let him play! 8-)


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