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No tournaments?
  • SanskritFritz at 2020-01-30

    I'm running out of games and there are no new tournaments starting. Why?

  • SanskritFritz at 2020-01-30


  • Galdian at 2020-01-30

    Well, I guess that the number of your games does not concern the starting of new tournaments. You can check some more info or tournaments schedule here:

    Apart of the tournaments, you can also register for rated games:

  • sht1O at 2020-01-30

    just increased it to three players

    would guess with more players it will start quick, if others join it might trigger it off

  • KPT at 2020-01-30

    Also, you can sign on the EOW II tournament :)

  • sht1O at 2020-01-30

    8th tournament

    had 4 divisions each of 36 players

    an increasing chance for me to win a gold cup (but in a lower division!)

  • KPT at 2020-01-30

    @ SanskritFritz

    Also, u can always support Littlegolem by becoming a memberand then you are able to create as much tournament as you want!!

  • SanskritFritz at 2020-02-01

    Hey a new tournament just started, great :D

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